Compelled Conference w/Todd White

This weekend was the trip to Seattle, Edmonds, Lynnwood, & Bothell Washington. It was 2-fold ~ to visit the Reeves in their new place and attend a conference called Represent | Compelled (so we could hear Todd White preach and experience anything the Spirit had for us afterward ~ see miracles, pray for people, hear from God… and we were able to do all these things. Still waiting to hear form God specifically on life direction, but we know He will not be elusive, but will keep his promise to us from Jeremiah 29:13…that he will be found by those who seek him with all their heart.
At the end of the evening before we left the building at Eastside Foursquare on Feb.14, around 11pm, I looked around and noticed a girl (named McKay), and I asked her if there was anything she still needed prayer for that wasn’t already healed 😉 She was super receptive and had me pray for her cold symptoms and her throat pain. I did and it actually eased up; I prayed again & she said her ears popped and became more open. I asked, “really?” Because even when I step out in faith and pray and things actually move as a direct result, I have a hard time believing they have. It’s like I have faith in the moment of prayer, but if it’s answered, I’m surprised. I don’t know why.
McKay seemed pretty intrigued and encouraged by the word the Lord gave me shortly after, for her to relate her Laryngitis to the enemy’s voice. I said she needs to take hold of every lie and silence that voice. Just as our voice loses its power when we have Laryngitis, Satan’s voice can also lose its power. Pinpoint his lies, whatever is causing us to feel worthless, shamed, prideful, hopeless, depressed, apathetic, sick, etc…
and instead, believe God’s truth. I emphasized that it is in the believing not the reading, that she will find healing, AND rest. Rest will come too. (He brought to my mind this scripture) ~

We prayed again and I rejoiced as I left, “we just gave Satan Laryngitis up in here y’all ~ gave it BACK anyway ~ ha ha!

Jesus is AIive!


A young guy by Ricky, got total healing from hearing loss he’d suffered. Here he is afterward, wiping his tears away…

The girl sitting next to me, Sierra, got rocked with healing ~ she was the one Todd called out, with a “deviated septum” – a nose blockage issue – after we prayed, she yelled toward us, shaking, “I can smell!” and fell to her knees in tears. Here is a picture of her right after:

At worship time after Todd’s message, they began to sing a favorite song of mine since about November, “When you Walk into the Room”. I had countless times worshiped with this song on loudly, imagining myself leading people into a new realm of belief and faith and revelation through its declarations. After this song, they did “No Longer Slaves” – a newer one from the Helsers of Bethel Music and oh, so powerful. I was at the alter with Ricky and probably 30 others, just surrendering. I looked around and saw a sweet girl in dreads, with a look of innocence and hunger on her face. She allowed me to pray for her for whatever came to my mind. The Lord just lead me in a simple prayer of thankfulness for his love and direction in her life down the narrow road, and for replacing fear with empowering grace to live righteously as he guides her down that path of life, and becoming more bold for His sake, with everyone He places in her path, so they will see her light shining out.

I grabbed a shot of some notes I was able to hurriedly jot down as Todd spoke that night. Much of it we’d heard online before, but there were lots of great reminders said in fresh ways, and some new stories too. It was truly all good.



Even after Ricky experienced some extreme enemy attacks in his thoughts the next morning, he had me pray and God’s truth prevailed more and more throughout that day, Sunday the 15th.
God is so good.
We are expecting him to speak to us even more this coming week. Dreams, revelations, visions, opportunities, power-scriptures, and clearer direction for our lives.
He will not stay silent. He’s always speaking. His words are power. They will be our sustenance in this season of hope and wait.


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