Grace Gives me New Perspective on Motherhood

This morning I needed it with Braylon, when he used “being tired” as an excuse to have an attitude with everyone and not doing the small things he knows to do, like, pushing his cereal bowl to the middle of the counter instead of rinsing it out…or complaining about the lunch I made for him instead of thanking me.

Small things can get to us too easily. But each small thing is an opportunity to:
*thank the Father for the potential growth in me and in him, and
*show love to him through a balance of grace & discipline like the Father has shown me.

He gave me the desire look past the faults. And before Braylon left for the front door, he turned around and hugged me and told me he loved me. Without me asking.

How awesome that was. I’m teary just thinking on it. I could let self-entitlement steal the joy God has for me in the moment, but thankfulness wells up instead.

With every smile I see, every gesture of godliness, effort of honesty or integrity…I can choose to let thankfulness well up inside of me, a light that by nature casts a shadow on all I think “I deserve” as a mom.



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