David from Freddies

I got to talk to the Fred Meyer checker tonight and it was so fun and just amazing!

He was fairly young, with the name of David, so I just started it off, as I unloaded my groceries,

So, David, did your parents name you after David in the Bible?

He smiled, I don’t know but he is one of my favorite people! Besides Jesus.

We talked about David & how he was a man after Gods own heart (which he loved) and I said that’s you, huh. Not just a name. He replied, yeah. That IS ME.

I got to give him a prophetic word (without saying that’s what it was) related to how God used David to influence the King with his skilled harp-playing that made evil scatter while he played, then I encouraged him to pray for, & step out in more boldness in the fullness of the Holy Spirit (cause he said he loves that about Paul) and I talked about getting with God alone – that’s where it’s AT. And he’s like, YEAH, it’s all about relationship.

As I left he goes, Well thanks, I am so glad we had this conversation! and I said, Me too! Next time I come in, I’ll hunt you down and pray with you. And he goes, OK!! GOD BLESS!

And the whole time, the younger bagger gal was listening and once she asked where I went to church. She’s recently visited Horizon. And her sister in law goes there. I would’ve loved to spend another hour there but I had to get home by 10 to make sure I kissed my kiddos goodnight before they drifted off to sleep.

I just love this kind of living!!


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