Mod Pizza Guy

for the life of me, I can’t figure out why complete strangers or nearly complete, would consider me to be a trustworthy source of information. Why would anyone just go along with what I say? Who am I? Certainly no one they’ve had time to build a relationship or any semblance of trust with. 

So I’ve been asking myself that today, after going to eat at Mod Pizza. The first time I ate there, I asked an employee with tattoos if he needed prayer for anything at all. I think. Honestly, I can’t recall just what the exchange looked like. But it was good. Somehow calming and encouraging. That was months ago. 

He seemed impressed that I remembered his name. People do like to hear their name. I guess I remembered it because my sister and I had just been discussing Sam Smith, as we ate there, last time.

Today I was there with Angel and was about to write down a simple word from God I got for him, and give it to him in my way out, but he found his way over to our area just in time so I blurted out,

I have a message for you.

He whipped around, “Yeah?” intently listening and serious. I said, you may think it’s weird, but… “No I won’t. Go ahead.” So I continued, trying not to break eye contact,

He wants you to know that he cares about even the smallest of things in your life because he loves YOU. It’s a deep love. A love that if you really knew the depth of it, it’d knock you off your feet. So even if something seems too insignificant to bring up to him, it’s not to Him, because it concerns YOU. … 

And that’s about it.

He smiled and thanked me. And he asked my name again, determined to remember mine…even yelling it out again, this time from behind the counter a moment later as we went out the side door. “Bye, Chelan, thank you!”

I have a feeling he’ll probably remember that it means deep water, before he remembers the name, itself.

Later I kept wondering, why he gives my words any credit at all. I’ve only seen him twice in my life. And I have two reasons why he would, that I can think of:

  1. My words give life or they mine gold. They will not discourage. 
  2. My words are accompanied by the Spirit who compels every person to draw near, to hear, to dare to hope for more. They are anointed by God himself. Laced with gold from heaven ~ a bit of God’s glory on each one.

I found myself praying later that there would be no attraction at all there except to the Spirit, & that he would actually be literally knocked of his feet and it would make him remember what I said about the depth of God’s love today and he’d laugh! That would be hilarious-sort of like a backwards prophecy.

Let it be, Lord! Draw him close. Lead him to you, to salvation, to peace, humility, vulnerability, repentance, freedom and redemption in you, Jesus. And lll be open to be your pitcher. Pour out, Jesus. Pour out.


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