They Moved Back Today

Today they will go from .4 miles away from us to 4+ hours away.

You think I’d be used this by now marrying into the Russ family.


Grandparents or in-laws who live close by is not something I take for granted. It has been a huge source of peace and support and I have been so thankful for these last two years. It amazes me what proximity and face to face interaction can do. I try to hold loosely. But tonight my grip is tightening, my eyes are watering and my heart is breaking…a little more than I expected.

It will get better.

It always does.

I know because I’m a Russ.

It’s not my first rodeo.

The title of this post is, “They Moved Back Today”. Perhaps in a couple short years, I’ll write another one with the same title.
I luv you, Janis and Bob.


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