My Birthday in Jacksonville

Pics! First… Wildlife Safari!   


Obviously the Emu stole the show. But we got to see a lot more, like two rhinos (on the road), elephants, giraffes, tiny monkeys called tamerans, an alligator and huge snake, deer, elk, Longhorns, 2 tigers, 3 bear and a crane.



 I see you, B! 




It might seem like we just took Angel with us…but not true! Bray’s just at that age where he’s refusing to be in a photo. 😦

Gammas lil helper stirring the Cartot Cake ingredients together!

One of my fave little shops in Jacksonville  

Angel absolutely loved this Cinnamon Twist at Good Bean the day we went shopping in old Historic Jacksonville. So fun. So delicious!  

Yes, licking the plate clean… 

The front porch where we hung out with John and Jaci Fairrington and also where we watched a thunder and lightning show!



Ricky with Tom Boyles – at Living Waters Foursquare Church – his former boss at Musician’s Friend back around 2004


At the Lee’s property ~   



The ride home



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