Our only Vacation of 2015

We had to squeeze in ONE trip to the beach and had one weekend left to do it before the start of the school year! It was pretty fun and not too spendy. We hit Seaside first, where Braylon tried to feed Dotitos Dynamite chips to the seagulls 😳 and then Cannon Beach where we let the kids get an actual toy from the toy store at SandPiper Square. Braylon pleaded with his dad, “It is sooooo cool!”

I strolled around Dragon Fire Art Gallery and saw what I was looking for: Charity’s glass jewelry, in two areas. Then we stopped by Sleepy Monk Coffee House (it actually was closed – no big surprise – but I got to buy a pound of “Fiddlers Blend” beans! They were medium roasted and smooth – we discovered that night – no wonder that one is their 2nd most popular bean).   We got to see some elk (along with several other wide eyed tourists who held up traffic on the beasts’ account) as we wound up the narrow road to Ecola State Park where the sunset awaited us a half hour later.   

 A wonderful way to finish the eventful day! We hiked up the trail for an even higher view than the one most people see from the wide clearing up there. Not a postcard-esque sunset, but still… so lovely. The kids just loved playing with their new foam-disc frisbee bouncy koosh-ball type toy. I played Bray a game of “frisbee” and then sat with Ricky at a picnic table we’d claimed, enjoying the company of my family I love so much. And the view of God’s world from on high.    

   It was gift upon gift.



“My Armyyyyyy!” he said laughing, as a dozen seagulls started following him and his Doritos. Seaside.

 This seagull seemed to slowly flap his wings and stay in the same place as he checked us out…

Cannon Beach, next to Fultano’s Pizza: 

 I loved these rustic looking steps. The lines, the aged wood, the beautiful decor sitting on top of them. 



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