Speakers Unite!            

This weekend I spoke for the first time in about a year and half, as I was asked to train a group of key volunteers that serve the homeless with Night Strike. It went super well.  I feel they’re pretty equipped now (my training went 1:15hr long) to know how to identify sex trafficking victims in the future and they have a good idea of what it is, how it can happen, who the victims, traffickers and buyers are, and how the industry works. So thankful.

Then today, Ricky spoke as a guest at Living Waters Family Fellowship in Blue River, upon request from Doug Fairrington. His 2nd time speaking there this year. It was kinda surreal. God has been moving…and opening all kinds of doors almost immediately after we purpose in our hearts and posture ourselves to be accessible and available to others.

Today Ricky spoke about God doing exceedingly abundantly more than we could ever dream or even imagine. And he had four or five examples – stories – from this year alone, how that verse has rung true for him. Mainly stories of how he has gained respect and position with some influencial governmental leaders in the justice system in the same county where he was convicted of 3 felonies, fifteen years ago.

So excited for what he has in store for us around the corner! Our prayers are big but that’s ok. He’s a BIG God. 

Night Strike training:





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