Provision looks like…

This week, provision looked like:

  • Someone giving us $60 which not only helped pay our unexpected fee for Braylon to attend outdoor school, but it was available on our fridge when we found ourselves overdrawn. It brought us up to a positive balance.
  • When Ricky met a homeless young man, S, and gave him lunch and jacket, and then drove him to a ranch where he thought they’d let him stay, he had S put his bag in the trunk. The next day, Ricky opened his trunk and saw it there, and on top of the clothes in his half-sinched bag lay a satanic bible. He wanted to replace it with a nice real bible. We told some friends, and immediately I had 3 people saying they wanted to help, 2 of which sent cash in the mail for a new leather bible, and Ricky when told some men in his FCCI group about the need, the man sitting next to him took his own new black leather bible, emptied its papers and notes and handed it to Ricky. 

Here. Give him mine.

Last night, when we had $35.69 in our account plus a $20 bill to last us til the 1st, and we went to our beautiful niece’s 12th birthday party at Old Spaghetti Factory, my mom helped us by adding a very cute gift to ours, for her. And THEN, later, my sister paid for our family’s whole portion of the bill, saying she wanted to because of how we help others.God is so generous and so good and so faithful. Even when things are tight, they are never worrisome around here. Our father knows exactly what we need and takes care of us in ways we don’t deserve or expect.


…and that was just this week…


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