Ken from Providence ~ Spirit’s on the Move!

Four days ago, Friday night, Sept.19, 15, Ricky and I had a date night. We drove an hour and 20 minutes to watch a screening of “Holy Ghost Reborn”,  the 5th film in a series of documentaries about the power of the Holy Spirit, directed by Darren Wilson. After the film, Ricky and I stood in line to be prayed over and blessed by the people of the church. My hands were turn upward I was singing in the spirit and I walked through this line with probably 20 people on both our left and right sides…blessing us with short prayers of impartation and kindness.

Two days ago, the Lord gave me an opportunity to pray for a complete stranger in my client’s doctor’s office lobby. He was in terrible back pain. After seeing him wince in pain as he sat down, I felt compassion and a strong urge to pray for him. So after his wife’s appointment was over, I followed the two of them out to the middle lobby and said, “Excuse me…Hi!” They both turned around. “I noticed you seem like you’re in pain. Can you tell me what happened?” After he told me his back pain stemmed from over-compensating for an injury of a 1.5″ tear in his rotator cuff, I said, “this might seem foolish, but would you let me pray for you for that?” They were both shocked but both overjoyed that I even asked. “YES!” So I did, just like how I’ve seen Todd White do it on YouTube videos and others on scenes from many of Darren Wilson’s movies.

Well, it took two prayers, (first it decreased from an 8 to a 5/10, then it was nearly GONE). Ken left that lobby almost completely healed. He bent clear over and touched his toes, with a smile on his face…not a wince. It was more than amazing. They let me take their photo and were talking excitedly as they left. 

THEN, when I got home a few hours later, a woman accidentally dialed my phone number, but I immediately thought – that was no accident. Before she hung up, I asked her if  I could pray for her for anything. And she said, “well…this is quite remarkable.” She had been struggling with back pain too, that came from (of all things) getting down on her knees to pray last week before her Bible Study began. “Isn’t that just like the enemy?” she asked rhetorically. I chuckled. Back pain, huh? It was like the Lord set me up perfectly to tell the story of how Ken was healed just earlier that morning. Her faith was elevated so much, she wanted to test her back out as soon as I was done telling it! But she did let me pray for her, right then, over the phone. Barabara, an old lady who called me “by accident” put her own hand on her back, listened with faith and then put the phone down to check her condition afterward…was completely healed as well. 

Isn’t that just like our God?! Ha! I shared with her Mark 16:16-20 and said you gotta go! You have a story to tell! “I certainly do!!” She exclaimed.

We have the same power and authority to bring healing and wholeness anyone, given to us by Jesus himself. All we have to do is believe it…and risk looking foolish. It’s a small measure of what I believe Revelation speaks of when John wrote on how we overcome: “…and to not love your own lives unto death”. 

One more thing! Here’s a message I just wrote to Ricky about last night when I prayed with Genese downstairs:

“I received a word from God that went along with one Kylie and Genese had, that we would not be ones to allow the premature death of anything – a movement, a dream, a revelation, an implementation of his plan…Because the environment is not nurturing and cultivating that. Let us recognize that we have much ability to control our environment, wherever we step foot, like the womb can be a safe or hostile environment nurturing or aborting the process of establishment, growth, and development. Are we allowing for the miscarriage of God’s directives? The cutting off of what he longs to do? 

Or are we intentionally being and becoming apostolic agents of the change and maturity of His purposes and plans? 

I for one, will not stand by idle in an environment hostile to the intentions of our Faithful and caring God. 

I want to … I will see His plans come to full-term, healthy and filled with joy and promise!”


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