Sinful nature tries and pries into our sense of self worth, and the search for significance. It lies to our spirit saying, it is not enough that an unseen God sees you and all you do. You need the seen people to see you, verify you, validate you, compliment you. THEN you will be worthy.

THEN you will be counted.

But that is a liar’s voice. Don’t be deceived.

If Eve were there beside you, she’d surely pipe up, “ENOUGH! DON’T FALL FOR IT! That snake told me the same thing. He said if I did something, I’d be more like God! And it made me forget… I was ALREADY like God, before he opened his mouth and spoke his intrusive words that leapt straight into my being! Why did I believe him?? Do not make my mistake. Stand firm in who you already are, whole and complete. You are like God already, made in his image and likeness. Like I was! You have nothing to prove to yourself, to God, or to anyone else. Please believe me, you have only to be who he made you to be…ENOUGH.”


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