An Evening with Bob Hazlett

You know how it feels after a long day where your muscles are fatigued and you slip into a hot tub and you just rest – rest in that warmth and feel-goodness and let it just surround and envelope you?

That is how I feel this morning and last night after I left an event at Grace Chapel church in Wilsonville.  I decided to detail the evening here so that I would not forget what I experienced.

I had discovered quite by accident that a man from Connecticut was in town speaking, at that small church. And thought, what are the chances? This man, Bob Hazlett, I had seen online and listened to whatever I could of his, back in Feb/Mar of this year, 2016. I sensed a calmness, a humility, and also a power about him, as he would meet people in an audience or anywhere, really, and God would give him a bit of knowledge in that moment about that person he would not otherwise know. To me, the gift of prophecy can be so encouraging when it is exercised correctly. There are just two people I know of with this gift, who I would actually go and see/hear, Shawn Bolz and Bob Hazlett.

It was a struggle to get to the point of actually going. My husband doesn’t feel the need to go many events in general, so he questioned my need as well. It brought up an hour long discussion and long story, short, I told him I’d already got my one ticket for $20, and he did not have to feel pressure to go with me. I just like being with him. After a while, when tensions settled in the home, we hugged and he opted to stay home with Angel.

I had posted on FB that I was intending to go and would save anyone a seat if they wanted to as well. Who knew? Out of all my FB friends, there may have been one that felt led to attend this as well. My mom and dad, who I’d told about it days before, decided against it, but an acquaintance of mine I know through Gunnar Simonson, music artist Manager, Raymond De Silva, replied, to my surprise. He was on his way, I was there 45 minutes early, and the seat I was saving in row 2, center, was his. This, I believe, was ordained by God. If Ricky would have gone with me, I probably would have not posted the announcement on FB. But I did, and I soon realized, the dynamic was a certain way for a certain reason.

I sat there alone for about 20 minutes getting lost in the worship as the team practiced their songs for the evening worship time. Already, I had sensed the presence of God in that place. Maybe it began in me, and I was already to the point of fullness in my spirit, that just a song or two of truth and lyrics sent me into overflowing with tears as I sat there.

Before it started, Raymond and I talked. Mostly I talked. God gave me two examples to tell him to testify of my own personal experiences with speaking healing of life into people, in a strange or miraculous way. It was so fun to recall and retell of my stories of the man whose back was healed at the Doctor’s office lobby, and of Solomon, the Muslim from Senegal who I met on a walk one day and he amazingly let me pray for him to know Jesus in a personal way.

The event, called Kingdom Come, started with what seemed like over an hour of worship time. Precious moment after moment in his presence. Just one song I did not know.  I was in love with God. I did not care about how or if anyone saw me as I expressed myself in worship. He was all that mattered. Between songs at one point, we prayed for those around us who needed prayer for anything. The young woman near me had her hand raised and I zoomed over to her. I got to pray healing over her anxiety and related stomach pain. I knew I was supposed to pray for that, for God had delivered me of that same exact thing ten years ago. I told her all about it with such excitement. TEN years ago. And worship and surrender was what healed me of it one day. After that day, I had two more panick attacks, and then nothing. Not one more. For ten years. Allison was so excited to hear this. Her eyes were wide and they were glued on me as I testified of God’s power.

When Bob went up to speak, he first talked about the meaning of the word Hallelujah and what the root, halal means. It denotes what lamps and celestial bodies do: shine, emit light. It also means to be boastful or to praise. I looked it up later and found that in just a couple places in the Bible, it means “to be insane, or rather irrational, speaking nonsense”. I guess that when we yell Hallelujah, to some, it can seem rather irrational! But Bob had people who needed healing there, identify themselves and we’d all yell out Hallelujah three times and on the third, we all yelled, clapped, etc.praising our God as he healed many of them. And this is what happened. Those who experienced healing came up in front of us all and he quickly went down the line with his microphone asking what it was and how they feel now. About ten people in all. Great way to raise the faith level in the place from the get-go. It was like primer for the paint.

As he prayed over one woman, he mentioned her being a seer. I leaned over to Raymond, and  asked if he knew what that was, because I didn’t, just a year ago. He said no, so I explained it was someone who could somehow see into the spirit realm, and see with their eyes, both demonic and angelic spirits. He just nodded.

When Bob spoke, it was on persevering in suffering, from Romans 5, but in relation to not finding break-through in the healing you have been seeking and praying for.  He encouraged us to continue praying and believing the truth of God’s word, for it is true. Even when our perceived reality does not match up with what we read to be true and possible in the Word. When we focus on the reality of lack or pain opposed to the truth of what Jesus says is possible and shows again and again is his will (complete restoration, God’s will be done on earth as it is done in heaven), hopelessness begins to take hold. When that happens, it is like the tension of the truth rubs up against our current reality and creates a rut. When that rut is rubbed up against for a long time, our hope seems further and further away. Hope deferred makes the heart sick (Proverbs 13:12) but a longing fulfilled is the tree of life.

Here is the text of Romans 5: 1-5, amplified, of which he focused on 3-5:

Therefore, since we have been justified [that is, acquitted of sin, declared blameless before God] by faith, [let us grasp the fact that] we have peace with God [and the joy of reconciliation with Him] through our Lord Jesus Christ (the Messiah, the Anointed). Through Him we also have access by faith into this [remarkable state of] grace in which we [firmly and safely and securely] stand. Let us rejoice in our [a]hope and the confident assurance of [experiencing and enjoying] the glory of [our great] God [the manifestation of His excellence and power]. And not only this, but [with joy] let us exult in our sufferings and rejoice in our hardships, knowing that hardship (distress, pressure, trouble) produces patient endurance; and endurance, proven character (spiritual maturity); and proven character, hope and confident assurance [of eternal salvation]. Such hope [in God’s promises] never disappoints us, because God’s love has been abundantly poured out within our hearts through the Holy Spirit who was given to us.

The message was very encouraging. After he finished, he offered people to come forward and receive prayer from designated people with prayer badges on, which I don’t really agree with because I believe if we are filled with the Spirit, we can all pray and the same Spirit will work through us all. But I still went forward to receive prayer (I suppose out of tradition) on behalf of my mom, who asked for prayer on that FB thread I’d posted. So we prayed healing over her back and also restoration in her spirit and that God’s love would drive out all worry and fear in Jesus’ Name, for worry and fear have proven to compound back pain and effect the back pulling it back into a state of pain and tension, where it becomes a cycle. So we prayed against all of it, believing God would and has in fact already done a good and restoring work in her in both ways.

After the prayer time at the end, I sat back down and Raymond told me that the man in front of him prayed for him and told him the Lord gave him a picture of a plane taking off – this was evidence to him. Raymond had told me initially that part of why he came was to hear from God as to weather He is calling him to move to Nashville for business endeavors. It was so funny as he shared it with me, I asked if he’d told that man anything about his dilema and he said, no. I only told him my name. His excitement was showing in his face as he spoke and then he stopped and said, “Drop the mic.” We both laughed. I think he might be moving to Nashville.

As we sat and talked for about a half hour, he admitted to me that he has been able to see into the spirit realm since he was a child so clearly at times, he could not distinguish the difference between human beings and spirit beings. I told him maybe he could read the book, The Veil, whose author writes about his own same gift.

The Lord gave me several words for him: one had to do with him being a nucleus (I didn’t say that but I pictured that) where he’s a source of truth for the artists he will be working with, and his influence in words will affect each musician for the benefit of the kingdom. I also drew in his little notebook, a picture God gave me of a stick shift. That tonight would mark a unique moment in his life where he was going from N or D to 4D – like, off-roading – in the spirit! Sounds funny, but he related. He admitted he’d felt like he was just on cruise control, and agreed, he could see how all he was now understanding was going to take him into a deeper level with God, and that this stick shift was special in that it had no end to how many gears it had – we can always go deeper with God. So really going into 4D with him – is just the beginning.  AMAZING!

We walked to the book tables as they were packing up. He wanted to buy Bob’s book, “Think Like Heaven”. After the purchase, I just thought I’d take the opportunity to meet him since he was right there. I used to get a bit starry-eyed at guest speakers, etc. But not anymore. It was very cool to recognize that I saw him just like me or any other believer who’s been baptized in the powerful Spirit of God.

He shook my hand, asked my name and its meaning. I told him Chelan, Bubbling Waters.

Chelan, are you a musician, by chance?

Yes, I sing.

I think that the Lord is going to use your voice to heal people. I see you singing over the sick and them being restored.

That’s amazing. I’d forgotten about it, but you’re the third person to prophesy that about me. One time I actually went to a hospital to pray for someone in a coma and within that week, God brought him out of it and he regained all functions in his body again.

Do you work in the medical profession?

Well, I guess so. Yes.

What do you do?

I’m a caregiver.

Ok, that is right where God will use your gift of song. Do you ever sing to your clients or around them?

Yes. I do.

Keep doing that. He will use your voice in song to bring healing to them.

I will. Thank you.

And that was that. He had not a clue who I was, but God spoke right through him specifically to me about what He wants me to do and keep doing, in order to bring restoration to the people he loves. And to bring him glory.

All glory to God… This was certainly a night to remember for me. A good example of being in an atmosphere of believers where faith is rising all the time, and God is speaking, hearts are changing and his people are being given the tools and fire under their seats to go and do what Jesus has called us to do, each of us using our unique gifts to bring him glory and people restoration and freedom.



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