If You Say So

If you say so.

We say to God, Let your will be done.  Lord, have your way. Whatever you want to do, I want it done – if you say so. And that is wonderful. Even Christlike.

But I hear him saying today, the first day of 2018, I will not work and impose my will on you unless and until I hear your invitation for me to. I say to you today, “if YOU say so”.  I will change your heart. If you say so. I will expose the things shrouded in darkness that need to go. If you are willing to see them as I do. If you ask me to shine my glory on them so bright that the holy glare of my presence obscures, even obliterates them. Are you ok with that? I will not force my will on you. I am not a controller. I never have been. I am Love and will not demand my own way.  I am a Co-laborer, as you are. I created you like me, to work alongside me. I don’t prefer to work alone. I wait and am patient to hear you ask for my help. My guidance. My presence close by. My shame-free conviction. Even if it takes half a lifetime. Your will in alignment with mine – this is a priceless, joyful event that is worth the wait, every time. Every day.  So today, January 1st, 2018, for this year that has 364 days yet to unfold, I wait like a Golden Retriever waiting for you to throw that tennis ball… again. I wait for you to ask me. To seek me. And I say, Yes. I see your heart and intent is to align with mine. It reminds me of my Son’s, as he knelt, that sorrowful night in the garden. Your heart is not for my will to adjust and be molded and somehow align with yours. No offense, but yours is too limited anyway.

If you want my input in your life, if you want my restoration power to work in deep layers previously untouched, if you want my peace to infiltrate the busyness, and my wisdom to interrupt your penciling in of the unnecessary… if you want me to highlight by my gentle Spirit, all the lies you have been believing, and to speak life and truth over you instead, and if you want my stripes to heal the wounds you’ve been bandaging up with your cheap, temporary fixes, just say the word. I know how tired of them you are. I know it’s exhausting. Let’s do this together. It will take some getting used to – this mutual submission thing. And it doesn’t make sense to the human mind. But I give you the microphone, and I say, Yes. It would be my absolute pleasure to work with you to do these things. I will.

If YOU say so.


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