Let Out the Great Power

At the preschool where I work, during nap time, I sat by one of my little students who had a rough morning. As I draped my fingers lightly down her face until she fell asleep, my eyes wandered to another little one, two nap mats away. This one is special to me. Her mom has relapsed twice since rehab in September. Two months ago, as she realized nap time was approaching, this four year old would say repeatedly in a state of absolute panic, Will I wake up?!

This day, a few days ago, she wasn’t panicked, but was uncontrollably restless. Flopping around like a fish, trying all the positions to find that just right one. I got up as I sensed the Lord nudging me her way. As I began to walk, I envisioned myself blessing her with peace, with my hand on her forehead…& her just falling right to sleep.


Simple, yes. Probable, no way. Here’s the thing, though: I had nothing to lose. Some thoughts are our own, some are from our enemy, and some are from God’s Spirit.

It was the Lord’s thought in MY mind.

Imagine! It’s got to happen so much more than we realize. For the Word of God says:

We have the mind of Christ himself. We have boldness and access to the Father.

I walked over and did just what I thought to do. Bending down, I pressed my hand against her head and said, I bless you with peace in the Name of Jesus. May you have peace and comfort, not just here and now, but at home. May you sleep …”  and even before I finished, she laid flat on her back, of her own volition, positioned both arms loose by her side, and closed her eyes.  This was just as encouraging as it was surprising to me!  I continued a bit longer, and watched her face. It was completely motionless. Relaxed. Not even her eyelids were moving. Within those two short minutes of quiet declaration, her body came under submission to the words of God.

I believe it, because I saw it. Deep, peaceful sleep. I am believing still, for more peace to manifest in her home.

Years ago, my husband suffered from night terrors, and I didn’t know what to do. Eventually, it came to me to write a song which I would then sing over him as he slept. The lyrics were, “Lord tonight, I pray for my husband and his sleep. May it be peaceful. May it be deep. In your name, by your power, every fear tonight, I bind. Just wrap your mighty arms around his spirit and his mind.”  Terror after terror ceased because our God is able to do far more than we could ever ask. And because we have a Great Power at work within us.

How incredible and humbling this is. Ephesians 3:20 promises this power.

We have it…at work…already in us. My next question then, would be, What if we let it out more?


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