Heaven has Style

The melody used to annoy me. I don’t know why. But since Corey Asbury’s Reckless Love album was released in January of 2018, the more I would listen to it for its lyrical content and not just the melody, the song, Garments has slowly become one of my favorites.

Picture this: your first day of first grade is tomorrow. Your nerves are running wild, and your mind is racing as you get into bed, but your outfit is carefully chosen for you before you rise. As you dream, your thoughtful, intentional dad is setting out his 1st grader’s clothes, and they are perfectly you. Sure to secure.

This song, Garments, speaks that our Father in heaven does the same – but what He offers are the garments he paid for – not made of cotton, but of praise. Garments to cover ourselves with joy and mercy. Let’s take a look at them: unique identity, divine dreams, light so we may gloriously glow in darkness. Victory in adversity, confidence amidst criticism, reprieve from a chaotic mind. Freedom from shame or resentment. Belonging and acceptance as a crucial part of the family. Wholeness, power so strong it resurrects dead things, and the greatest garment of all, love.

When I walked through my door today, I took off my shoes and my sunglasses. Then put ON music and wrapped myself in the biggest, softest blanket in the house. Have you ever thought of this: that it is a spiritual right and privilege to be able to choose which virtues we put on and take off throughout the day? What if we chose to wear only that which He has laid out for us?

Heads will turn. Hearts will lighten. Heaven has remarkable style.


One thought on “Heaven has Style

  1. Genese January 10, 2019 / 1:53 pm

    Beautifully spoken Chelan. You put on beauty and freedom like no other. Love you dear friend

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