Pedro – Almost 1 Year Old!

Happy Spring, Pedro! We love you and the funny little things you do. Here’s a list of some of them!

  • Chase the laser light up and down the hall even when we stop shining it, adding in a little squeal-bark now & then
  • Jump up on the couch and nose your way under our blanket so you can get warm
  • Nose a phone or laptop away from our hands so we can pet & make room for you
  • Give us your cute slow & low bark when we make our hand into a threatening “mouth” that opens and closes
  • Chase your tail when you get really tired
  • Destroy anything made of plastic or paper or anything that squeaks, when left out within reach
  • Snuggle as close to Angel’s face as possible
  • Take advantage of every time the dining room bench isn’t pushed in so you can use it to jump onto the dining table
  • Hop up high like a basketball star
  • Go to your crate, sit, stay, roll over, “go pee”, shake paws, & “leave it”
  • Devour anything carrot, meat or bacony-treat

These are some photos taken on a walk across from 800 w. 1st street yesterday…

I love coming home every day to see your waggy butt and hear your little claws clinking on the floor so fast.  Pedro – our low, long and loyal boo-dee-boo-boo-butt. Happy 1 year birthday, come Cinco de Mayo 2019!


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