ANGELingo ~ POST #1

Since October ’07, I’ve been journaling little phrases I’d overhear my Braylon Emmanuel say. If I ever get amnesia or Altzeimers or just let time go by & forget the details, I will be sooo thankful for this category. So now that my lil princess is really startin’ to talk, it’s time I created a category all her own. Ricky helped with the creative title  : )

So as of today, I’ll be jotting down the cute or funny or thought-provoking first words of our Angel. Because life really is about delighting in the details.

Angel’s been saying adorable two-word phrases for a few months. ie: she’s really grasped please and thank-you, in context, which always brings a smile. But I just want to make sure, before I forget it, to note her 1st three-word phrase she said (last night), right after my husband gave her the traditional bedtime snack he gives them every night, a bowl of cereal.

“Tay-Too, Daddy, Shee-woe”



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