The Train of his Robe

As I was worshiping last night, this phrase came to me. The train of his robe.

Honestly, it has been quite a while since I have gotten anything I’d consider a revelation from Him, although I likely underestimate that term and he gives them to me daily. But last night I thought as this came to me, it seemed significant. So I thought I’d share it here on my blog. Wow, I have no earthly idea when I blogged last! Ha ha…


In scripture, the presentation or wearing of a robe can signify DIGNITY, ROYALTY, AUTHORITY, PRIESTHOOD, BELONGING IN A FAMILY, or HONOR. (The amplified vsn here states, “for the guest of honor”).

The once-prodigal disgraced, disgusting, undignified, defiled, sin infected son was presented with his Fathers robe. In fact, his rehearsed speech to convince his dad to allow him back as a hired hand was literally cut off midway, with the Father yelling at his servants QUICKLY! GET MY BEST ROBE! And DRESS my boy in it!

He is found worthy of this honor. Somehow, even amidst his sin, upon his return, he is found worthy.

In Isaiah 6, we read from the prophet, part of his vision of heaven, “I saw the Lord sitting upon a throne, high and lifted up – and the train (hem, bottom edge) of the robe filled the temple…”

I asked the Lord when writing this down, “Train? Does this word even have significance?” Why not the whole thing? Because I knew the word robe did. And I also felt temple. But train? I was led to the original meaning and it stated ”hem”, or bottom edge of a robe.
Yes! I see we are your temple! Our bodies are each your “temple” in which your spirit loves to dwell! What are you saying, we get only part of you? The bottom part?
No, I felt.

My robe is so extensive and provides so much coverage, that just the hem fills you, entirely. And there’s more. So much more to my robe.
More dignity.
More authority.
More belonging.
More honor.

Let it fill your temple today.
And I want to remind you what it was the woman with the 12-year long blood disorder, touched on Jesus, my beloved Son. At the very moment she touched his hem, POWER was released! So to this, add power.

Let it all fill you today. Reach toward me, like she did. You’ll see. And know that you’ve only touched the very fringe. I have more for you. More dignity, authority, belonging, honor. More healing power.

It is my delight to bestow upon you these things because I have found you worthy by the sacrifice Jesus made for you.


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