To Store All These Things in My Heart

His mother seemed to store many things in her heart. She seemed to treasure wondrous things inside of her.

Tonight it was a struggle to have Angel join me as I was leaving for church. As it is more Sunday nights than not.
Of course. I dont expect it to be any different. She is a fifteen year old. Whose dad no longer values or sees justification for gathering with other believers in a church building.

We arrived 35 minutes late, catching the last song. I was sitting, bent with my head in my hands. Perhaps she took my body language as – I was upset. She instinctively placed her hand on my back. And left it there. Immediately I thanked the Lord for this moment. Because I know her go to love language is not physical touch. Yet it lingered there until the invitation to stand.

Moments later, this verse came up in the message. Mary stored all these things in her heart.

And it resonated with me. She also treasured the angel’s words in her heart – when she was told she would deliver the Messiah to the world, as a virgin.

I want to hold and keep and treasure the little things in my heart. And when the big things happen I will treasure them all the more.


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