ANGELingo ~ POST #1

Since October ’07, I’ve been journaling little phrases I’d overhear my Braylon Emmanuel say. If I ever get amnesia or Altzeimers or just let time go by & forget the details, I will be sooo thankful for this category. So now that my lil princess is really startin’ to talk, it’s time I created a category all her own. Ricky helped with the creative title  : )

So as of today, I’ll be jotting down the cute or funny or thought-provoking first words of our Angel. Because life really is about delighting in the details.

Angel’s been saying adorable two-word phrases for a few months. ie: she’s really grasped please and thank-you, in context, which always brings a smile. But I just want to make sure, before I forget it, to note her 1st three-word phrase she said (last night), right after my husband gave her the traditional bedtime snack he gives them every night, a bowl of cereal.

“Tay-Too, Daddy, Shee-woe”



AngeLingo – Prayer for a Friend’s Leg

Tonight she randomly broke the silence on the couch and told me that her close friend, Katia has had pain in her leg all week. She even had to wear a special kind of sock that compresses her muscle – and she was walking stiff-legged up until yesterday. Then Angel said she prayed for her. She didn’t want Katia going on vacation to Hawaii (today) with so much pain and discomfort in her leg. So she said that she prayed – from across the gym – as Katia was talking with Lila.

And today, she came to school with no compression sock, and she was better! Her leg was healed.

I love that she used the terms better and healed.

I love that she prayed…even if from across the gym, and I love that she told us about it, excitedly.   It seems so small…but just that little story showed us her heart of compassion. The heart of God for his children, for their restoration and health. Even if it’s to be able to enjoy a vacation! Love wants the best.

I’m so proud of you, Angel. Keep praying for people. No matter what happens. Keep praying.

Going Topless

Earlier this week I had a dilemma that God and a friend helped me through. I had to address a girl about not covering up quite enough in front of my kids. I felt it was an important topic to not ignore…especially when there’s so much skin showing that everyone in eyeshot is distracted by it. God really helped me…even woke me up to pray about it, and when it came time to say something, it was received (in privacy & confidentiality) with understanding. I thought to myself with an internal sigh of relief, “Whew! That was tough. But thank you, Holy Spirit, for giving me the words and the courage!”


We have this mannequin Ricky got for a work video (don’t ask), and normally she’s wearing a jacket. But for some reason she “sat” shirtless in the corner today. Well as soon as Angel noticed her without a top, she gasped, ran over and tried to cover her up as best she could. I put my phone on silent and snapped this photo of her as she dressed the mannequin.


Then she walked past me with a sigh of relief, “that was a close one.”

I just thought that was interesting. I never brought up the incident from earlier that the Lord helped me through, yet my 7 year old instinctively knew the importance of modesty – even on an inadament object. It was a big deal. And that ‘s awesome. I pray that it remains a big deal to her for the rest of her life.

1 Timothy 2:9 says, “…women should adorn themselves in respectable apparel, with modesty and self-control…with what is proper for women who profess godliness—with good works”

1 Peter 3:4 says of women, “let your adorning be the hidden person of the heart with the imperishable beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which in God’s sight is very precious.”

1 Samuel 16:7 says, “For the Lord sees not as man sees: man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart.”

1 Corinthians 6:19-20 “…your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who lives in you and was given to you by God? You do not belong to yourself, for God bought you with a high price. So you must honor God with your body.”

I’m a little more proud of her right now than usual. And the usual’s pretty high.


A Stuffed Dadimal

Angel told Ricky tonight:

Daddy, I wished that whenever you leave, I’d have a stuffed daddy. Like a stuffed animal, but it would look JUST like you.

And it would be warm when I snuggle up to it. Maybe it would have a sock thingy that could be warm in it or I could put it by the fireplace for a few minutes.

I’d dress it in different outfits, but his underwear would be sew’d.
And it would have a heart that when I squeeze it, it would say, “I love you, Angel.”


Today as I lobbied at the State Capitol in favor of two new bills that make Oregon’s s trafficking laws and penalties stronger, Angel spent the day with my mom who took her to get her something cute, as she usually does. This time it was a thrift store, where she found an authentic “Build a Bear”.  As I tucked her into our bed a little later, she asked me what I thought we should name her new purply fuzzy bear. I thought of Royalty…but didn’t tell her.  Instead, I let her come up with several of her own and wanted to choose my favorite from her kindergarten name-generator. One I liked was her idea of  “anything that rhymes with Pink”.

She digressed to asking me how my day was which paved the way to my story about how after leaving the Capitol, I dropped my keys, purse and phone in my LOCKED car (and the locksmith adventures that ensued). Then as she told me of her new desire to visit the Capitol, I replied,  “Oh, baby, you might be bored… but then again, you might think it’s awfully pretty. I sure did. It’s got cherry blossom trees with gray squirrels all around it,  it’s really tall, there’s lots of statues, and it’s walls and steps are made of pure white marble.”

Her eyes grew as if  intrigued by that last word.  I guess she didn’t know that one yet. “Narble.” she said. And grinned. Then a second later as I couldn’t help but let my giggle out, she held her purple bear up with both hands tightly around its arms and said to its furry face, “NARBLE!” This exclamation sent me into a laughing fit that made her laugh too, and then after about a minute or two, we settled down. And said it again and smiled.

C’mon… say it. It’s fun… NARBLE!

And she got up out of bed with her animal, explaining, “Oh, I’m so thirsty from laughing at Narble.”

So it is decided.

And so it shall be.

AngeLingo about Having a Cold

Angel woke up this morning with a yucky cold. I asked her to eat her cereal & she replied, “Wait. I have to go to the baffroom. If I go, I will feel better.” (Then pointing to her bladder), “I have a headache.”

A few minutes, coughs & sniffs later…

“Can I go to Gigi’s house, & lay on her couch & watch a movie?

I will not put snot on her.”

Below, I caught her as she was sniffing. Bein’ sick is jus’ no fun.

AngeLingo about cell phone service

This morning, Braylon had his cell phone out, along with me and his dad. Angel felt a little left out. So she went upstairs and grabbed her Tinkerbell flip phone and started chatting with Braylon in a pseudo-cell convo just feet away from him.

Then she got up & went to the backyard for a bit, returning a minute later.

When I asked her why she went outside, she said it was cause she had to finish her call.

It’s pretty sad when your cell phone service at home, sucks so bad that your daughter copies you by going outside to talk on her lil fake phone {it’s not AT&T or our new Windows phones; it’s the cell towers in Wilsonville that need work}.

So lame!  But we jus’ had to laugh.