A Bray Say… conversation about heaven

So what does God do up there all day? Sit in his chair and play video games?

-No silly. I don’t know…the Bible doesn’t say exactly. I guess he listens to prayers, heals people, speaks to us though his Holy Spirit, and pretty much controls everything…

… (we talk some more about sin, the sea of forgetfulness & God not counting our sin against us when we repent)…

Adam & Eve had it perfect. Everything was fine. Until they put clothes on.

-They put clothes on cause they were ashamed. Everything was different after that. Because of their sin, we all have the tendency to sin & feel ashamed & Satan tries to make us think wrong thoughts about ourselves.

I’ve done that before, and he even tried to make me think some stuff about myself that wasn’t true and then make me think that God was the one telling me that.

-Yeah, he does that. But don’t you believe it. God would never tell you you’re stupid, or a jerk or anything else, especially after you’ve asked him for forgiveness for something. If you hear that, know that it is always Satan.

I hate Satan.

-Me too. Ya know, before Adam & Eve believed Satan about that fruit & sinned, the world was perfect. We’ll never experience anything like that kind of perfect world again until we get to heaven.

There’s gold everywhere there. I think I’ll cut a big chunk out of a street when I get there and chuck it down to earth for the miners.

Will we all be like the same?

– I think we’ll have the same spirit, but we’ll have glorified bodies. I think we’ll be able to even walk through walls.


I call robbing a bank!



A Bray Say…

OK…it’s been awhile since my last Bray say… but I got two from this week, to make up for it:

– We’re gonna have a healthier kind of pizza this week.

“like, Dominos? or Pizza Hut?”

-Uh, NO.

“Little Seizures?”


Then tonight he says from the other room (after hearing us laughing at something on TV & assuming what we were laughing at)…

“What??!! Did they show the BLURRY?”

A Bray Say… while sleep walking

Braylon just walked into the living room @ 10:25pm w/eyes all squinty, sits down on the loveseat, took a finger & twisted it in his ear (eerily similar to how he did that about 1 min.into this video of him @ 2 years old when we found him asleep on the bathroom floor)

…then he yawned a big sideways yawn (like he used to yawn) & mumbled,

you know. how mom prays for…

…that soldier.

(Rick and I look at each other and smile. Rick imitates him with his rotating-finger-move.)

it’s about a pepper…

and he’s not here.

I think it’s safe to assume he was sleep walking.

A Bray Say… about a Serial Killer

The other day, we were looking at a home to possibly rent.  About to start the tour of the home, we stood in the kitchen and listened to the owner explain a few details. Braylon interrupts with…

“Has anybody DIED in this house?!”


Ricky & I just looked at each other and tried to keep from cracking up.

A week before, we recalled watching like 7 minutes of an “Extra” or some gossip-y news show: a story of a couple who bought a home later to discover it was formerly the home of a serial killer who’d kept his victims bodies in the home and buried in the yard. If I was an 8 yr old looking for a new place to live, & I’d seen that on TV…I think I’d ask the same thing!

The owner just looked at him smiling. Then his smiled turned downward and he said, “I’m afraid so…”

(Dramatic Pause)

“…a hamster.”

A Bray Say….about a cuss word

The other night the kids were at the table finishing their dinner and Angel says, “Mommy, I want some ice cream!” but she says “ice” with her lil Texan accent, which makes it sound like, well…

Braylon goes, “Mom? Angel just said a cuss word.” We’ve known  for months that when she says ice cream, it sounded more like “ass cream”, but it was just too funny to correct.

We simply smiled at Braylon and said, “I know. She doesn’t mean to, buddy.” We’ll train her to say “ice” the right way, in time (before she’s made fun of)…but I like the lil Texan in her voice & want to hear it as long as I can!  Unlike Braylon, she is a Texan, after all.

A Bray Say… about google

“Braylon, I love you.”

I know. I love you too. I love you a hundred forty thousand million times more.

“That’s not a number.”



…I love you…google.

(smile) “Ok. nigh-night.”


What is the Meaning of Google?

Have you ever wondered what is the meaning of Google? Where did the name google come from? What does google stand for? Google is the name of internet’s most popular search engine and the word Google is derived from GOOGOL.

Why is Google Called Google?

Googol is the mathematical term for a 1 followed by 100 zeros. The term was coined by Milton Sirotta, nephew of American mathematician Edward Kasner, and was popularized in the book, “Mathematics and the Imagination” by Kasner and James Newman. Google’s play on the term reflects the company’s mission to organize the immense amount of information available on the web.”


is indeed derived from Googol

Yes, that is 100 zeros!