The Little Things

This week has been pretty crazy. It was my last week of training as a Gymboree Teacher. I’ll be working about 20-25 hrs/wk. for a while, and my 1st OFFICIAL day on my own, is tomorrow! It’s been really trying ~ driving to south Austin many days / wk for training for very little pay. But today, the GM told me I did so great that she wanted to pay me at the full rate.  *Yeah!*

She also said I could bring my own music to rock out to while I clean, after everyone leaves…and bring my favorite books to read to the kiddos, as long as it relates to the curriculum.  *Yeah!*

I was so tired today. I cried at many things, prob. because all the pressure from training and performing while being critiqued, all came to a kind of pinnacle ~ and my body just became weak – and my eyes (as my dad would say)…began to leak. :0)

But that’s ok. I am learning so much- about the development of children, what certain age groups need, how to humble myself more when I don’t want to do something (like clean the whole play room with an apron, or drive so far to work), how to play to different audiences – types & ages of kids and also to capture attention of adults… and much, much more. I’m learning more about how prayer & all-out, unabashed worship, when I’m stressed, acts as a natural calming agent – like a spiritual chamomile tea.  I do like my morning commute time – that’s one thing I’ll miss now, transitioning to my permanent schedule in Round Rock & some days @ Shoel Creek & Anderson.

My husband has been so helpful. He had plans and cancelled them when he saw my “downward spiral” today, took the kids with him to Barnes and Noble & Dairy Queen, and let me have the quiet house to myself, to eat & sleep…and yes, be merry. As I enjoyed the solitude, I prayed that the kids would come back content and calm and give us no problems w/bedtime – and that very thing happened. We watched Cars for a while and Bray sat by me, putting his arm around my back and smiling. Angel followed his lead, doing the same to him from the other side of him and asked me to put my arm around them too. We all just cuddled together. Then I paused the movie with no complaints ~ bedtime was smooth with great reading time (Cain & Able & Noah’s Ark for B. & “Biddle Bird” for A. – one of her favorite books, I sing to her).  I’m filled up again…just in time to lay my head down for the night. *Yeah!*

Tomorrow’s my 1st day at the Round Rock Gymboree, But God has gone before me, helped to prepared my way, and given me more of his grace – grace that I’ve needed to extend to myself, as I make all the rookie mistakes. I am very grateful for this new part-time job, my friendly, understanding co-workers, and for an opportunity to contribute financially and to learn new teaching skills.


The blacker the night, the brighter the stars

Late last night on our way home from Tyler to see Papa Rick, Granny & Deenie (ok…and Dusty), we stopped to let the kids pee in the grass & I looked up to see an amazing sky. We got back on the road and through our moon roof I saw those stars again, and we decided to make it a sun roof so I could sit backwards with my knees in the crease of the passenger seat, and my head stickin’ out the top.

It was THE WEIRDEST thing! To look up and see just a million and a half stars, the moon & milky way, &  watch the half-lit trees on either side of 79 pass us by at 79 MPH. Within 20 seconds, I saw a shooting star. If the fall chill didn’t get to my arms, I would have done that the whole ride home. I just stayed for a lil while longer with my hands over my ears which also kept my hair from whipping my face, and just let out a “HALLELUJAH!” – Angel quickly echo’d my cry, “Haw-yoo-ah!” and we smiled at each other.

It was an unexpected wink from God.

Doesn’t Get Much Better

Let me just take a minute to breathe in the goodess here. I believe God’s up there winkin’ at me. It doesn’t get much better than this ~

…a morning spent playing with a giggly little 2 yr old & cute wiener dog

…a good work out @ the Y, and then

…a quiet lunchtime with a delish salad, a cold glass of lite lemonaid & the Bible

Man, life is grand!


My Salad:
Lettuce (romaine), shredded mozz. cheese, feta cheese, manderine oranges, sliced deli ham, grape tomotoes, crispy turkey-bacon, salt & pepper.

I love salads!!!! For a more protien-packed twist, substitute tuna-mix for the ham & small apple chunks for the oranges, then top w/some craisins. Mmmmmm.

What makes a good week


This week was a good week.

  • Enjoyed some worship from the Word – I’m talkin’ great songs w/scriptural truth
  • Sipped a Starbucks Red Eye w/extra cream
  • Practiced a sweet new chord progression on my guitar (Amaj7, Cmaj7, G,D)
  • Got some fancy new strings
  • Watched the best American Idol in a while, w/my husbee
  • Had a great 23 minute conversation w/my Dad about Purpose & Drive & the Autoharp
  • Decided to officially volunteer as a family @ a Taylor rest home & researched more on how to get involved singing at the Texas Children’s Hospital
  • Was healthy ~ in my body, mind & spirit – and my family was too!
  • Administered a 7-way Parvo injection to protect my lil 9-mo.old weenie dog, Daphne. My husbee was very helpful w/his distraction technique ~ ham bits
  • Worked on this week’s lesson plans for my 3 yr olds @ Parent’s Day Out, complete with crafts like straw collages, food-coloring spaghetti plates, contact-paper sparkly jelly-fish & paper donuts w/glitter sprinkles

…And it’s only Wednesday. Bring on some more of your goodness, Lord. Or not. I hope I’m ready for whatever you got.

Get this one?

Sometimes, when you’re just doing the mundane responsibilities life demands, God wants to meet with you, one on one.

Last night at 10:04, I was tryin’ to finish a chapter in my current book when I realized just how sleepy I was. Finally, I let my eyes close…until of course, a minute later when I heard a baby cry & a husband ask, “get this one?”.

Angel (actually 28mo.s old) was struggling to find her way to the door I’d just opened… in tears, and shaking. She kept saying, “Oweee”. She seemed very afraid. Earlier, we’d noticed she was running a temp. I looked over at the new bouncy Ikea Poang chair I’d put in her room forher-rug1 nights just like this, but it seemed appropriate to just gather her in my arms and my criss-cross applesauce lap, right there on the floor.

She kept looking at me. I thought. I mean, it was kinda creepin’ me out. But then over the next 2 minutes or so, as I studied her eyes, I noticed they were looking right above my left shoulder. Her crying stopped. Her shivering stopped. But her eyes were wide and slowly blinking. There was a few feet of nothing behind me & then a wall, so I reluctantly broke the silence, “what do you see?” and with that, her eyes, as if tracing an object, quickly moved from behind my shoulder, to the door behind her, even causing her to arch her back a bit to see it as long as she could.

I prayed over her and hummed “My Favorite Little Girl“, until she found sleep again, in my arms. This is the third time something like this has happened. I’ve even written about an amazing experience when Braylon was her age. What a wink from God! That He would care so much to send us His angels to comfort & heal.  It pleases Him to minister to those who are too young or too disabled to articulate it. I share a belief with Christian author and strong woman of God, Pam Vredevelt, who wrote of a similar story in “Angel behind the Rocking Chair” …that once in a while, these little ones are blessed to experience His supernatural presence in a more tangible, visual way.

Next time your spouse asks you to take care of a crying child, count it a privilege. It may be more worth your effort, than you think. I’m so glad I “got this one”.

At that time Jesus prayed this prayer: “O Father, Lord of heaven and earth, thank you for hiding these things from those who think themselves wise and clever, and for revealing them to the childlike.  Yes, Father, it pleased you to do it this way!” – Matthew 11:25

claritin clear

today i stepped outside and took in the breeze, the warmth of the sun at 81; i let the clean air fill my lungs and looked around my backyard.

the blades of grass were greener. the sky, bluer, behind the sparse stratus clouds; the contrast at its peak.

there’s nothing special about today. but today, the world as i see it has been photo-shopped and purified for my pleasure.

i’ll take that as a wink from God.