The Dancer – a poem for a stripper

She shakes the thought of her father

As if a literal move of her head

Would drain the haunting memories

Of how he left her nearly dead


Perversion, greed and muscle fatigue

Trembling knees and thighs

Wondering what kind of man will pay

For a dancer with tears in her eyes

Redefine Love


There’s no way that you could understand

The shiver and nausea from his hand

As it creeps beyond my boundary, I wonder “why…

Of all the other children, was it I?”


This must be what love is

The pain is real; Each day I kneel

I must be of value

At least my skin; A feast of sin



This must be what love is

If this is what love is…


Redefine Love!

Start over fresh, Start over fresh

Redefine Love!

Start over fresh, Start over fresh


“If I didn’t care”, he says, “would I

Waste my energy to black your eye?”

“Fear”, he says, “will make you humble” so

I take one more beating, one more blow


This must be what love is

My basic needs are met with deeds

I must be of value

If I invoke a twisted choke






Something tells me God could understand

If pure love and strength flowed from His hand

Blood and water poured out of His side

Hope was born in laying down his life


This must be what love is

To sing, to heal; To pray, to feel

I must be of value

My heart, my soul; The part, the whole


This must be what love is

This must be what love is


(You can…) Redefine Love!

Start over fresh, w/gentleness

(You can…) Redefine Love!

Let’s start over fresh

Start over fresh


Redefine Love, God, redefine love.

raising the bar, pt.2 “bless those who curse you”

luke 6:27, 28; romans 12:20, 21

“But I tell you who hear me: Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you.” “…if your enemy is hungry, feed him; if he is thirsty, give him drink; for by so doing you will heap burning coals upon his head…Don’t let evil conquer you, but conquer evil by doing good.”

raise the bar:

we are “set apart”! we are sanctified. we can’t afford to treat people who’ve have done us wrong (or for that matter, like mike guglielmucci, shamed the Christian faith), how the world would treat them. then what makes us any different than the world!? for Christ’s sake! literally. for the sake of Jesus, who gave up his throne in heaven and eventually gave up his dignity & his very life-blood. for the sake & glory of Jesus who forgave us our every sin, we need to strive as one body to live above the standards of your average joe…even your average Christian joe.

one major way we can do this is by forgiving beyond what we think we can, by praying. how about somethin’ like, “Lord, i wanna see _____ the way you see them. even though they did this, give me compassion for them & help me see past my own hurt. give me your eyes for them. your heart for them. forgive them.” or if you can’t muster up all that with sincerity, then heck, start with a simple, “God, show ____ your love today”. what if two weeks of that consistent prayer leads to actually meaning it…which leads to real forgiveness…which leads to freedom and maybe even restoration and salvation?! itellyouwhat. get ready to take the limits off of His blessings when you act in obedience.

Q 4 U:

when’s the last time you blessed someone who cursed (or mistreated) you? do you think it’s tougher, the closer that person is to you?

we’ve all been judged or shamed. we remember the pain. or do we? does the extent to which we give grace to others depend on how long ago it was given to us?

night terror

what are they? a night terror (pavor nocturnus) is a parasomnia sleep disorder characterized by extreme terror and a temporary inability to regain full consciousness. the subject wakes abruptly from deep slow-wave sleep, gasping, moaning or screaming. after the episode, the subject normally settles back to sleep without waking. a night terror can rarely be recalled.

they’re not nightmares. they’re not recalled dreams. they’re a controlling combo of anxiety, tension & fear, (usually of insects or other attacking things) lasting as short as 1 minute… up to 20. the lack of a dream itself leaves those awakened in a state of disorientation much more severe than that caused by a normal nightmare. amnesia can follow, leaving one unable to recall their name or location for a short time.

what happens? my husband (who gives permission to write this) has suffered from this sleep disorder for years. his terrors are based around snakes or suffocation. Continue reading