Death Be Not Proud – a poem about Nathan’s Win

Death be not proud

That you’ve gained one more soul

It was not a win for you

Swallowing whole

His breath and energy

Cancer and pain

You may count it as yours

But this loss is yet gain


Friends and dear family

Daughter and son

Draw near to heaven

Where life’s now begun

His grace is a blanket

His comfort a salve

His presence with Nathan

Is here with you now


Death be not proud

For this world is not home

For this earth which we roam

Will assault heart and bone

Rather, home is our city

In heaven and light

So I raise my proud fist

For one hell of a fight


A Simplicity of Faith

Sunday after we got home form church at The Bridge, we were hangin’ out on the couch and Rick asked Braylon, “Hey, bud, how ’bout you tell Mommy what happened at church today?”  I thought he was referring to how he wanted to give all his quarters (including the ones he took from Angel’s castle-bank) to missions (BGMC). But instead, the conversation continued kinda like this…

“Oh,  I told them I wanted God in  my heart.”

“Really? Why?”

“I was not sure if he was, all the way, so I wanted to make sure.  Walker and his sister helped me pray.”

<proud little smile>

“That’s awesome!”

<awkward silence>

“Yeah. Can you turn the movie back on?”