A Braysay… about Halloween Costumes

Last night, Braylon & I were discussing what zoo animal we would choose to keep as a pet in our backyard. I said, “how ’bout an anteater, so he could eat all the fire ants in the yard?!”. He replied in a most intelligent way,

“people dress up as ants. you know, some people dress up for Halloween as what they’re allergic to.”


I said, “well, that would be be pretty messy if Brady dressed up as cottage cheese!” I kept coming up w/silly allergic costumes till he stopped me,

“that’s not funny anymore.”

A minute later, he grabbed my hand tight into his, pulled it close to his pillow, quietly said, “I love you, mommy”, & fell asleep.


A Bray Say…about blue stuff on his ant bites

So he went to the school nurse, Nurse Marvel for ant-bite relief (dang fire ants- they’re the only thing besides Satan we’re allowed to “hate” and call “stupid” in our house)…she ran out of anti-itch cream and he tells me she put “blue stuff” all over it (which I found out later, is actually called “Ocean Potion”). I go, “What kind of blue stuff?” And he attempts to describe it:

“Well, it was gooey, and messy and blue, but it was like a blob… like…BOB…upset for no eye.”