Bill Johnson Conference – Day 3 – Sustaining Revival

Tues. night – Nov. 10th

…was Day 3 of the conference, When Heaven Invades Earth. Here are the highlights and strangities (my newly-coined word) that happened:

We arrived and again, and after all the seats filled to capacity, we started by laying hands on those next to us & praying for them. It just helped bring about a sense of one purpose and a spirit of compassion. Worship was weird – we sang some familiar songs from the past 2 days, and some new, but the Spirit had not yet fallen. It seemed much more conjured up- with good intention, but not very anointed.

But, the atmosphere changed as Pastor Bill began to preach. Below are some of the notes I took about sustaining revival:

  • Walk with God; hear his heart…then declare what is his heart, by spoken word. You may be just ONE decree away from your miracle – from living in God’s perfect will.
  • When you repent, your story gets “re-written”!
  • When you cannot celebrate another’s breakthrough, and let jealousy affect you, you’ve just sabotaged your own opportunity for personal breakthrough.

{RESEARCH: The Great Welsh Revival of 1904-1906)

Luke 17

  • Dream BIG. He said ask, and I’ll give the nations to you as your inheritance. Some things we need to ask for and we will rec’v as our inheritance – by no human effort. Other things we want, we need to press in & push for.

When God asked, “can a nation be saved in a day?” He was not asking to get an answer, but a testimony!  It’s rhetorical. He wants your answer not to be Yes or No, but, “God, it can! And here it is! I present this fruit as a once-impossibility, but it has become possible through the words of my mouth! Lord, help me to accurately re-present Jesus to the nations, speaking  that which is not, as though it were – that men & a nation may be saved!”

  • All we are, are the Lord’s delivery people. Delivering packages of _______ from His Holy Spirit to whomever he has in mind (through our inborn gifts and talents) by faith in the Sender, and obedience.
  • Worship is attending to the Lord 1st; serving HIM. We are here to serve HIM – not the other way around. TRY to keep that mindset every time you serve in ministry or just show up at church – all throughout the service. It REALLY is not about us, but HIM (Do servants labor in the field and then come in to eat, without 1st attending to the Master? NO! They are to make sure their master is fed and satisfied 1st before they feed themselves.) This brings new meaning to me, about the importance of worship before and after a sermon. Sandwiched in between two opportunities to serve our Master, we have the privilege of dining at his table of wisdom & learning his truths until our bellies are satisfied as well.

Matt. 11 (context: John was in prison & began doubting if Jesus really was who he said he was. “…or should we look for another?”)

  • Jesus told John to stop looking at what God has not done (he hadn’t released him from prison, and it was lookin’ like that day would not come). **RATHER, Keep your eyes – your attention – on what God is doing! TOO many Christians walk around with the ball & chain of “why he didn’t come though for me”. (Not forgetting that which lies behind).
  • Jesus said, “Blessed are those who are not offended in me.” Why? Because offense creates the perfect soil for UNBELIEF to take root.
  • Keep watch for, & walk in what God is currently doing. If you stop, you will stumble on what he has not done – labeling him unjust – which leads to offense – which leads to unbelief.

Leviticus 6:12-13

  • Priests were given responsibility to keep the fire BURNing on the altar. We are priests! May we as the body, sustain revival on to the next generation – with an ever-increasing flame, by becoming the offering ourselves … “The Burning Ones”. With NO other option but to obey.


After the service:

– prayer for healing – MUCH healing took place. Someone’s flat feet got an arch! Debbie, my friend, was healed of arthritis, a black woman testified that a drunk driver hit her yrs ago and she’s had pain since…but NO pain anymore. A man went up and said that he couldn’t bend all the way down before (lower back injury) but then he did – & was totally thrilled! There were like 100 more…

– prayer for ea. other next to us – BOLD declarations / prophesying over ea. other – “pray crazy prayers”!

– songs of angels – i prayed to hear them in the building as we were all praying. Then it started – from one corner of the room and made its way around… I still don’t know if it was angels for sure, but it was like no other sound I’ve ever heard: melodies and harmonies all around the same notes, with no words, really – a lot of continual ooohs, aaaaahs, mmmmms… and within a few minutes most everyone was doing this – including me. If it started with angels, or if angels were singing along with all of us, that was a direct answer to my prayer! I was not gonna let it pass me by without singing right along with ’em… but even if that’s not what was happening, it was still beautiful & irresistible. I have a feeling that was a rare thing we were able to be a part of.

– Rosa (44) prophesied over me, touching my head & stomach, that I would write songs from the depths of my belly, that would bring HEALING! Without effort, God would just begin to give me lyrics and melodies. Which he has already done – I have a NEW song he has given me just this week.

– Rosa was standing rt next to me & was healed of a hernia & kidney disease – something fatal if not healed supernaturally! Then, she was slain in the Spirit – TWICE! Right by me.  I just looked down and saw her all slouched down in her chair, with this half-smile on her face.

– “The Fire-Line” (hard to explain…but here’s my attempt: we walked through a long line, between two rows of 20-30 spiritual warriors, prophets & intercessors, pastors, ministers, etc., And were touched and blessed, confessed over, and prayed for…for more of the whatever the Holy Spirit has for ea. of us individually. Otherwise known as “impartation”).

What a crazy but interesting night. As strange and foreign as a lot of this is to me, so much of what I took in, rang true, as I knew much of it was exemplified in the early church (Acts 2 / 4) when the Holy Spirit fell on them. Sure it was more charismatic than what I’m used to, but there was nothing offensive, nothing spoken contrary to the Word of God. So I’m all right with all of it.  😉 In fact, I want more – more of anything God and his Holy Spirit has for me.


Bill Johnson Conference – Day 2 – Living from the Presence of the Spirit


Bill had spoken earlier that morning on Discerning the Voice of God (which I missed).

That evening, it was on Receiving the Kingdom (by living powerfully from the atmosphere of His presence, the person of the Holy Spirit). Too often Christians put more value on the Bible – a book that the early Christians (of Acts, for example), didn’t even have – Than on the power of the Holy Spirit they DID have.

He wants to flow through me – through Word, Action  & Touch. It was awesome. How unpredictable God is…and no matter how many times we try there is just NO reducing the way he works – to a formula for the future.

After the svc,  a woman from my b-study came w/many friends of hers –  Debbie – she was brought up very ‘religious’ and strict baptist…well, she was set free from a lot of stuff, including delivered from residual pain from an injury caused by an accident.the man right by me (who trains for & runs in marathons) had a football injury from high school, – his wrist had broken, yet as a typical male, he stayed in the game and played 3 more games w/it like that, well, his wrist never healed. he could never do a push up right, as his left wrist couldn’t bend. Well, here he is, over 50 yrs later, and last night, he was totally healed of any pain/restriction of movement. I watched him get down on the ground and do push ups, pain-free! Another hundred or so were set free & healed, physically last night. Praise our miracle-working Jesus! I wanted to record a video of this man’s testimony using my phone, but we had to leave to pick up the kids. Maybe I’ll still get to.

Another (2) interesting things that happened: During corporate prayer when everyone prayed for ea. other with faith, for blessing, healing, etc., Bill charged us to keep praying, only start declaring. With declarative prayers, there is an element of prophesy…and the next thing I know, Rick leans over & tells me in my ear, “You will write songs that will HEAL.” OH. MY. Gosh. I will certainly receive that, any day!!!

And lastly, during corp. prayer time for healing, there was a man who made his way down the isle from the front, walking toward the back. He was short, with a wide-brimmed hat and khaki attire. I looked at him several times – his eyes were kind of squinty, kind of gray and they creeped me out. His presence next to me & his emotionless face made me very uneasy. I was hoping he’d pass quickly by, but he hung out behind me and stayed there for a minute, as I pictured him pulling out a machine gun and just trying to gun down as many Christians as he could. I felt some kind of evil resonate from him…so I just started praying out loud – not too loud – that all evil spirits and those with them, leave NOW. In the name of Jesus.  Then I immediately leaned over to tell Rick about him and how I felt & prayed, and went to show him who it was, but there was no one standing there. That man was no where. I don’t know what happened – maybe he high-tailed it to the bathroom, maybe he was really a man possessed that fled quickly, or a demon in disguise.

Bill Johnson Conference – Day 1 – Permission to be a Blessed People

Sunday night – day 1 of Bill Johnson at Church of the Hills!

We’ve nvr seen or been to svcs like this before. Sun. night, there was such a sweet spirit of unity in the body of Christ. It began with a call to have ev’one just start laying hands on the person beside you & praying for them – whoa – that set the atmosphere for worship! Then we did many songs, one of which was an original by their pianist – it had these awesome lyrics,

“Do you know how BIG my God is,

Do you know how GREAT my God is?!”

Wooo!  There was so much happening. The place had prob. a thousand people – w/overflow sitting on the floor in the lobby, or the alter-area.

Sunday morning, his message was on how God Wants Cities. That night, Bill taught on how we, as the body need to start being bold enough to Ask for blessing. He had us verbally tell those around us “I give you permission to be blessed!” then had us put our hand over our own hearts and say “I give myself permission to be blessed!” …and to succeed & for provision, to OVERFLOWing. And w/every major point, he either knew, or looked up and read scripture to support it. He specifically prayed for special anointing and blessing over business owners and creative minds that rely on Holy Spirit-planted ideas, to succeed in their business…as well as musicians/song writers  :o)

He & his team prayed for various sicknesses or injuries that many many people raised their hands on for healing…& later, he & his team (about 12 students from the Supernatural School of Ministry birthed out of that church, Bethel – Redding, CA) were lined up on stage. Ea. 1 had a mic & they just went down the line, ea. saying 1-3 infirmities, illnesses, injuries, etc. that the Holy Spirit would give them a Word of Knowledge about, in order that they might be healed. Woah.

We witnessed 5 or 6 people who had metal in their body – & pain or limited movement – be TOTALLY healed, several went up front to testify that they could no longer feel the metal (pins or screws) they used to feel & now have complete range of movement in that area, without pain. One man said a spec. rare kind of cancer, Myeloma (without chemo- gives its victims an avg of 7 mo.s to live & with chemo, 24-30 mo.s). The lady next to us held up her cell & yelled out, “Cell Phone!” I was like, “Ok, her cell phone has Myeloma.”, then Bill goes, “We’ve had numerous occasions where we’ve spoken a Word and the person afflicted does not even have to be present – if you know someone w/that condition, try to reach them by phone, and they can be healed over the phone” and she called her friend who was about ready to go into intensive chemotherapy. I’m going to ask about her tonight. The lady 4 seats down had severe Fibromyalgia & could not contain her excitement She’d let out these yelps of joy – & take her baby’s burpcloth to cover her mouth! It was so funny. Bill called her up to explain why she was so happy & she had JUST been totally healed of her disease. It went on and on, and at the end, he had ev’one who KNEW they’d just been healed, to stand and raise wave hands…and I bet a hundred people did!

After he dismissed, he had his team and the host church’s team be accessible at the front to pray for any other condition or issue not mentioned. That’s when I went up.

I waited in a short line, & then an old man asked me my name and request. I told him Chelan, and I have a form of dermatitis on my head & also need prayer to just RID all fear or spirits of fear from our home (as Braylon has been dealing w/a scary thing he saw in his mirror just hours before that service began… he was very detailed in describing this scary “joker clown” face that frowned when Braylon smiled, and moved his thumb when Bray moved his fingers… & said he was not asleep or dreaming. He was just reading his kids Bible, looked up & saw this image, moving, in his mirror.) – I’ve also been attacked – during the same time he was with the mirror incedent, and in the weee hours nearly nightly for a week, waking up w/pounding & racing heart & fearful thoughts…which would at times make my whole body shake. We are in a battle right now, for there is about to be some major ground taken in the spirit realm, by this Russ family, by the work of the Holy Spirit giving us boldness to witness and live for HIS glory.

This man, (also Bill), told me that he was given an impression of an Indian as I walked toward him for prayer, and asked me if that meant anything to me. I said, yes, I’m 4th generation Cherokee. My great-grandmother (Grampa Ted’s mother) was full-blood. And my name is Indian, for Bubbling, or “Deep Waters”. Bill said that may have a connection to my skin condition, as some Indians would “scalp” their enemies. It’s just an impression, but my dryness & scalp-scaling could very well have something to do with the passing on of the demonic spirit that influenced some Cherokee Indians, generations ago, to scalp their enemies. Since that isn’t practiced anymore, it may have taken this form in me: the very annoying and at times painful condition called Seborrheic Dermatitis. ANYWAY, I just thought that was purdy dang interesting.

He took my hand and w/his other put in on my forehead and He prayed that the living waters of the deep (like my name) be cleansing of this disease. He commanded, and proclaimed healing. Then was given a picture of joy and laughter over Braylon and our home (YEAH!!!!) instead of fear. I have yet to see evidence of the healing of my scalp, but the last 2 nights I slept all night long and Bray never came in scared. He was peacefully asleep. And woke up hugging me and kissed me goodbye. He’s had a much more positive / sweet / smiley and less argumentative way about him. Praise be to God.

I testified this to my friend Candy today, and I believe that my voice and the Spirit of God directing my words will be a major faith-seed planted in her heart, resulting in her and her family receiving Christ and living for him. LET IT BE.