Angel’s 10th Birthday

Our lil one turned DOUBLE digits this weekend. We still could not be any more in love with her. Her sweet as honey-heart, her silly-face smiles, her long, wavy ombre’ hair,  her observant, serving ways, her memory like an elephant, her health-consciousness, her get-dirty-adventurous side… We do love her and see Jesus shining out of her every day. Still, after 10 years. Below are some photos I took over the weekend and the video taken at Papa and Gigi’s where she blew out all her 10 candles in her Funfetti cupcakes…or, at least she thought she did.

After the 2nd evening of celebrating was all over last night, Ricky and I stayed up until 11:48 just sitting in the living room talking about the revelations that God has given us over the last year, and how we can convey truth in love to others, without being upset or coming across as mad in any way, that so many people really are deceived and resist changing the way they think because they believe what they have been taught is the biblical truth, even without really digging in and reading it for themselves in context. The look of the Gospel has changed in our perceptions, and so has our perception of God himself. Jesus too. It has all changed. They haven’t of course. But we have. It is beautifully frustrating, fulfilling and freeing all at the same time. And I never thought I’d get to stay up late and talk about things like this and grow deep in Him with my husband like we do now. It was only a dream years ago. But a heart-shift can happen at any moment, if we are open to learning truth – to seeing it for what it is, and abandoning all else but that truth. To walk in it, especially alongside your spouse for life – is an incredible gift. A treasure. I am so grateful.


braylon’s birthday’s today!

i just had to get a shot of bray on his 6th birthday, today…8-08-’08 at 8:08am

lame that the alarm clock didn’t show the time cuz of the glare, but you’ll just have to take my word for it! maybe we’ll try again tonight. we be headed to his last t-ball game @ 8 in the mornin’ followed by shave-ice, & then for dinner, austin’s park & pizza with friends, family! later on, cake & presents ~ this’ll be fun.

meanwhile, today, we’re off to play in the creek!