from oregon to texas

i’m just sitting here, as blessed as can be…my dad bought a ticket for my mom to fly down here with him for a business trip he had planned…they extended their stay so they could spend more time w/us & the kids. they’re stayin’ in angel’s room (she’s sleepin’ in a pack n play in our walk-in closet)! and we’re all lovin’ it.

the kids & i prob. will not be able to fly up to oregon in july with my husband when he’ll be the best man @ his brother’s wedding. times are tight. if i think about it too much, i get teary…so i’ll just get to the point.

with that in mind, ‘papa & gigi’ took it upon themselves to visit us (praise God they had the funds to do so). they showed up at our door last night at 9:15. angel & braylon were so elated ~ laughing & story-telling, being held, hugged, tickled & read to til after 10pm. …and we have ’em in our custody for one week!

this visit is definitely a wink from God.

The Russwalk

the other day i went walking with angel to pick up braylon from school on the same path we’ve taken since september: pass 3 houses to the street’s end, through the tennis courts & onto the school’s road (pretty busy, espec. when school releases). we’ve always walked on the shoulder & overpass anyway, stopping to look at & discuss how the wetlands have changed that day. i’ve always thought it’d be great to use a safe sidewalk, even pictured myself in a “hutto town hall” discussion about it, but didn’t call the city or even pray. “i’m just one person, & there aren’t many walkers on this road. we’ll be fine”.

so we’re walkin’ & we come across a construction crew by the overpass. the man stopped us to tell us that the city of hutto is building a sidewalk from the tennis courts to the school. i got so excited, i bent down to look at bray & exclaimed, “did u hear that?! they knew we’ve been needin’ a sidewalk & now they’re making one, just for us! it’s a russwalk!” he goes,’yeah! & anybody who walks on it ‘upset’ for us, we’ll throw them over the bridge!’ “well, no, how bout we share it w/everyone. God gave it to us, so we’ll give to everyone else. thanks God, for our very own russwalk.” & with that, we thanked the men & went home, very happy.

God knows our little desires, even when they’re not that important, & He wants to tell us that He listens to our hearts & wants us to be happy. He really loves me, & that day, it was like he gave me a wink to show it. if i’m not observant, i may just pass his winks off as good luck or chance. but (thank u to joyce meyer & her message today about grace) i’ll be keepin’ my eyes peeled for blessings, big or small; they’re expressions of His love, evidence of His grace.