A Braysay…about clouds

Yesterday, we were swimming at Frank & Sherry’s pool with the Reeves while they are here in the Austin area, and Rick threw  Bray up in the air. His body was pencil straight and went pretty high! He went down under w/hardly a splash, then popped back up to hear his daddy say, “Whoa, dude! I think you got some clouds on your head with that one!” and Braylon looked at him like he was serious, “For real life? I did?” then he looked up at the clouds as he brushed a few of them off of his wet hair.


It was an eventful, exhausting but very fun day for our lil bray.


…striking a pose for the camera



A Bray-Say…

As we were eating our McD’s ice cream cones in the parked Scion, trying to figure out where to go next, Bray unbelts & takes a deep breath, 

“I know!  A PIGNA!”

I knew exactly what he meant but just smiled and said, “What?”

“I mean… a PIGNIT!”

This time he knew he was saying it right. He wanted to get out, sit on the grassy patch in front of us, and eat our ice cream cones by a tree in the sun. a.k.a: a picnic.

There are just some words that are too damn cute that even after 6 & a half years, you can’t bring yourself to correct.