A Shout-Out to my Sis, a True Artist and Entrepreneur

I just have to say a quick “Hallelujia & YOU GO, GIRL!” to my sister, Charity, for kickin’ some bootay today at her 1st official art show!

Char, you encourage & inspire me to step out further into what it is I’m called to do, & do it to the best of my ability. You’re proving that when a hard-workin’ woman goes for something & doesn’t let people discourage her because of her age, gender, etc…truly amazing things can happen. I mean, you’re not only beginning to realize the tip of your creative potential, you’re making hundreds of dollars at your 1st show…and hundreds more in orders?! Come ON, woman! I just wanna cry with joy over you!

p.s. ~ I’ve officially fallen in love w/your “Coffee is my Friend” mosaic.

Anyway, enuf w/all that ~ if you are reading this, and don’t know my beautiful sister Charity, or what her artwork is all about, you must at least click on her site…&/or place an order…(or 3).



And… one more photo from today’s show, w/links so you can give some love by visiting her corner of the www.


“Momma Mosaics”

“Momma Mosaics Etsy Shop”




God winked at me again last night…let me know i’m loved. i called my sister, charity to just say hi, & next thing i know, 40 minutes go by. i’m laughing, crying, listening, pouring my heart out…it was the closest thing to a hug over 2k mi. apart. we must be a couple of elastigirls!

my sister is 34. beautiful inside & out. i used to steal her clothes out of her closet when she slept in. that was our biggest fight-fuel. in 6th grade, she called me ‘raccoon’ because my eyes had dark circles. in 7th grade she’d push me away from her in the car, saying stuff like, “start using deodorant!” she & michele smith would dance on the bed to cindy lauper & madonna & tell me to get out. she told her friends that i peed in the snow up by byrom elemenary, & would start off by asking, “did you hear about the ‘yellow snow’ story?” she humiliated me, i infuriated her & yet i think there was a part of us that always wanted to be like the other.

now… she is {to name a few characteristics} a dedicated wife, adoring mommy of 2, business-savvy, artistic, stylish, saved & sassy woman… & happy to say – my close friend. my heart breaks for those who don’t have that blessing of calling their sister a close friend. she is 34 ~ a very different person now, inside & out, & (did i mention?) more beautiful than ever.

∞ photos my dad took of us at about 5 & 7 ∞