i’m gr8ful for…

…an extra-wonderful 5-yr.old son who welcomes me every time i pick him up from school, w/really wide open arms & sometimes a ‘mommyyyyyy!’ or one of his cute lil ‘point-n-nod’s w/a half-smile as soon as he spots me… followed by ‘where’s my snack?!’

i’m gr8ful for his health, his beautiful brown eyes ~ even when he looks tired, they still have a great shape & color to them ~ for his kind, compassionate heart & his patience.

my poor baby

ok, she’s not a baby anymore. i have to keep correcting myself, and braylon’s helping me, “mommy, she’s a toddler now” ok, thanks for pointing out for me how fast my CHILD has grown! in fact, i can’t believe when my husb. wallpapered our desktop w/this new pic of bray, i kept having to look away. it was like he made him look 5 years older on purpose. finally i spoke up, through tears might i add, “would you please take that picture off? that’s not really him, right? he looks so corrupt and bad!” oh well, guess i’m in denial.


anyway, while in medford, we were at some friends and angel was just about 8 feet away from my arm’s length. she toddled herself over to their blazing hot wood burning earth stove and thought she’d touch the pretty bright fire-picture. oh, man, i’d like to say that i wanted to take her place like so many moms would say, but after she was crying so hard for 10, 15, 20 minutes…can i be honest? i wouldn’t want that kind of pain either! her little finners were all blistered up the next week, but wouldn’t you know, she slept all the way through the night…and so did we. thank the lord for children’s motrin & benedril. oh, how i hated that evening for her.


i guess we all have to learn some lessons the hard way…by touchin’ places we’ll never touch again. thank god for the memory of pain.