i’m not good enough

just a few truths i’m pondering this morning:

i will never be good enough. that is why Christ died, because He was the only person good enough. that is the good news of the Gospel! i no longer have to strive to live up to expectations! i can do my best, but it’s not to gain God’s acceptance. it’s out of a willing heart to love him back.

i no longer live for his approval, but from his approval.

my standing with God does not depend on my performance. ever. Christ’s blood has made me righteous – right with God. not a ‘sinner’, but a saint who happens to sin.

my actions & sins are never a surprise to God. and because they aren’t, he’s never disappointed. b/c in order to be disappointed in one’s behavior, you have to have some higher level of expectation. God has no higher level of expectation. He knew before i sinned, i would sin. so all i need to do is thank him for the opportunity to be reconciled to him because of Christ’s sacrifice, accept it, repent once & be on my way. why do i complicate it?! why does the church add to it?