classic cars ~ close up

just somethin’ to look at when you stop by my site. somethin’ super fun! no, …wicked cool, mouth-watering, confusing and mesmerizing.

below are a few of my fave photos taken at a cruise-in (held by haggen’s in tualtin, oregon) by this amazing artist i heard about, bruce bebb. here’s a website displaying more of his artwork: only these shots are fused w/some funky filter-photoshop action (courtesy of ricky russ). this creative duo will leave you wondering what the heck you’re even viewing…in a good way. bruce is not just a wonder at photography, but dang good at writing posts about his excursions. WORTH a checkin’ out.





where photography & electricity get busy

classic cars have never looked so fantastically modern.

HUGE “kudos” to my dad, photographer extrordiaire & entrepreneur, my mom, his beautiful assistant, and my design master, web-savvy husband for starting a cool new site, a cool new business & honestly, a cool new art-form!

his original shots just burst with color and creativity (, & this new site ( has taken his photography to a whole nutha level.



h e r e!