time in tyler texas at the caldwell zoo

we took the 4-5 hr. drive to spend the long weekend with my hub’s dad & step-mom! kind of a make-up celebration for bray’s 6th b-day & great chance to catch up on visiting, relaxing, & loving each other, face-to-face.

today we spent a few wonder-filled hours at the “caldwell zoo” ~ photos are on braylon.com ~ the wildlife was all so close. but strangely, our fave was feeding all the colorful birds on the wild bird walk. braylon’s fave was the white tigers. he saw so many animals he’d never seen or even heard of before.

angel’s eyes were bright and filled with curiosity. i think her favorite was the bird walk, too. she was quite content to be there and wasn’t frightened in the least when they all seemed to land on her at once. her beauty and ease made me think of her as a miniature version of “giselle” from the movie, “enchanted“.

tonight papa rick and granny took them to chuck-e-cheese’s…they said the pizza was entirely nasty and the place was crazy, but our lil ankle-biters tore it up, playing.

tomorrow we may hit the east texas state fair & take some shots of them on rides, & then have a long-awaited visit with great-grandma, deenie.

times are good in tyler.


a children’s song for art time

You’re Mine, I’m Yours

so i’ll be teaching these precious lil guys (8 of ’em + 1 girl) and thought – how cool would it be to sing a song together about God creating us like art projects…as we prep for or make art projects ourselves? so this is what God’s given me so far … inspired by these scriptures:

* I will be your God and you will be my people

* I knit you together in your mother’s womb

* I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me

i’m still workin on the melody ~ my mom said it sounds jewish, like “Jehovah Jirah” – not what i was aiming for!


I’m your project

A work in progress

You’re creative

You have created me

You’re my Master

I’m your masterpiece

You’re creative

You have created me

Take the scissors Lord

Cut away all my sin

Make me beautiful

No matter where I’ve been

You are Mine (all mine)

I’m Yours (all yours) (x4)

(I’m) Made in Your image

(so) I can do all things

You’re creative

You have created me (x2)

All things hold together

When you are the glue

Each of us special

Each of us sparkle in you

You are Mine (all mine)

I’m Yours (all yours) (x2)

You’re mine

(each of us special, each of us sparkle)

I’m Yours

(each of us special, each of us sparkle) (x2)

tag for all:

Each of us special

Each of us sparkle in you

me, a teacher?

so through a strange turn of events, and no real effort of my own, i’ve been graciously handed a wonderful little part time job as a teacher … of wee little ones (my favorite age-group ~ 2 yr olds!), starting @ the end of this month! angel baby will be a classroom away, and i’ll work during braylon’s school hrs, following the same ISD schedule. just call me, “Miss Chelan“!

hutto baptist church / parents day out program has taken me in as one of their own, and made me feel so comfortable. PDO staff had the best 30-hour adventure on lake buchanan this weekend! i don’t know the last time i’ve felt tired yet completely refreshed, inadequate yet freely blessed, oh, & a little guilty yet deserving! my fave parts:

  1. driving the wave-runner by a lush shoreline where two deer were grazing, then racing a huge crane over the blue water, & finally screaming as i drove under a waterfall
  2. grubbin’ on a breakfast like none other (let’s see…biscuits & country gravy, french toast, crispy bacon, OJ, starbucks coffee, sausage patties, scrabbled eggs, & candy bars… i swear, it’ll be what we eat @ the feast in heaven)!

i just absorbed love like a sponge, through the beauty of His creation. i’m filled. He can wring me out now. the whole adventure and just having this job opportunity has definitely been a wink from God.