I’m Ready

I’m ready. Want to come along? Settin’ out on a long trip to that place called Compassion.

Come along, to that place of passion with me. Leave all that intentionality.

Reroute from your nod and shoulder-shrug to a highway, no – a FREEway to tangible Love.

Complacency, have no place in me! Stop trying to invade my destiny.

You seep into the everyday. Like acid, slowly eat away at empathy and sacrifice,

God empty me of this crafty vice

That saps the oxygen from lungs, and soaks up light inside my eyes

Absorbs the voice inside my mouth and robs me of what love’s about

Til all I’m left with at the end of a day, The end of that year, the end of my life

Is me and my shallow thoughts of me, MY stuff, MY job, MY family

Compassion land is calling now and these seats are filling fast

Complacency, have no place in me; too many await me to act

I’m ready.

Want to come along?


A Prayer for Today, and for our Future

This is something I wrote this morning while I was supposed to me paying attention to the teacher @ church…but he kept saying things that made me think…and then I just started writing…

Spirit of the living God

Apprehend me

I’m calling out to you, gurgling my request

From this thick pool of pride

About to submerge me.

Sweet Spirit of the living God,

Apprehend me!

Whip me around, get down on my level

Look in my eyes and speak with the fullness

Of your strength and subtlety.

Touch me inside

With your discerning love.

Point me in the way of my destiny,

Designed by your Word from before time began.

Impart your power that changes my life

That changes a life…that changes a life

That changes a church

That changes a city

That brings back a NATION to its founding truths!

A Quote I Read Today

“God’s goal is not to make sure you’re happy.  Life is not about your being comfortable, happy, successful, and pain free.  It is about becoming the man or woman God has called you to be.  Life is not about you.  It’s about God.  He doesn’t exist to make us happy.  We exist to bring Him glory.”

what’s one thing you will do to take the focus off of yourself and bring God glory today?