Psalm for Today (You’re Here) ~ a song I wrote for a friend dealing with betrayal

Psalm for Today (You’re Here)

I could have sworn you were right by my side
Prayers uninhibited; I had nothing to hide
Then all this went down
And I looked around,
Nowhere to be found was your presence,
All I need is your presence
This all began with the one I knew best
Damn disappointment put me straight to the test
Now it’s from all sides
Friends are droppin’ like flies
C’mon, hear my cries for your presence
All I need is your presence!
And I will have all of the strength that I need
To take back what my enemy’s taken from me
(Cause) You’re here; You’ve been here all along
I trust you’ll restore everything that’s gone wrong
You’re here. You’ve been here all along
That’s why I’m gon’ keep on singing my song
Sing the following w/same tempo, but in half-time & acoustic:
Chorus x2
“Singin’ my song” x3

Forget Not – a song about peace and acceptance from God, our Father

Forget Not

by, Chelan Rene’ Russ

4 / ‘07


God’s love is a love that, if seen & felt & experienced, we have no other option but to reciprocate. No other choice but to surrender. And when life hits us hard, we must choose to think about every thing, big & small, he has done for us. And every promise in his Word- for if we’re His children, we can stand on those unwavering promises.

As I write this, the image of trust that comes to my mind is when you put all of your body weight on someone else. When I was dating my husband & we were both 20, we were walking in a field of yellow, waist- high grass. He suggested this game we play, where he stood behind me and told me when to fall backwards. He’d have to distance himself right, and I’d have to trust that I’d fall perfectly into his strong arms. Well, I trusted him, & to this day I don’t remember what went wrong, but one thing i do recall clearly, is that fear-drenched second when I realized he stood too far back…& then ~ s m a c k ~ my butt cleared the grass & landed on some deceitfully hard ground. He felt pretty bad for bruising my tail bone. But that’s typical of what can happen when we trust man, or ourselves. When disappointment hits, the only sure thing we have is God’s love.


Is. 62:4 ~ Your new name will be “the City of God’s Delight” and the Bride of God, for the Lord delights in you and will claim you as his own.

Zephania 3:17 ~ The LORD your God is with you, he is mighty to save. He will take great delight in you, he will quiet you with his love, he will rejoice over you with singing.

Psalm 103:2-5 ~ Praise the LORD, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits-who forgives all your sins and heals all your diseases, who redeems your life from the pit and crowns you with love and compassion, who satisfies your desires with good things so that your youth is renewed like the eagle’s.


I will forget not all of thy benefits

I will forget not all of thy benefit

I will forget not just how much you love me

I will forget you delight in me

(Key change, building…)

I know you delight in me

(And I) hear you sing over me

(Abba Father)... you delight in me

I hear you sing over me (I’m your child)

I know you delight in me

I hear you sing over me

(Abba Father)... you delight in me

I hear you sing over me (I’m your child)

(Key change, building…)

Know that I delight in you, too

Receive my praises to your throne (x3)

Know that I delight in you

Rec’v my praises


(Repeat Verse 1 ... basic acoustic, slower)

How you delight in me

Optional adlib vamp:

You still delight in me; after all I’ve done

You still delight in me; in spite of my self image

You still delight in me; in spite of how others view me

You still delight in me; your love is proven over & over again


eye to eye ~ the importance of showing love with your eyes

a cheerful look brings joy to the heart – Proverbs 13:30

braylon (5) was walking around a corner & decided he’d belly-push angel to the ground. ricky & i both just looked at him for 6 sec.s as angel cried. we were shocked he’d try this stunt after so many reminders. but i suppose we also did it as a way of showing our disappointment. what followed was interesting:

braylon’s look turned from satisfied to almost angry, ‘what. why are you staring at me? why is everybody staring at me?!’ he inquired. his lip started quivering. we looked a couple seconds longer & he exclaimed w/a tear dropping down his cheek, “why did you yell at me?!”

ricky & i exchanged a glance of revelation. we never said a word to him. it got me thinkin’.

an area in which i think i harbor a ton of pride, is my parenting. i think moms want to believe deep down that they’re the best. to be complimented as such by another mom is the ultimate up-lifter. conversely, to be called a bad mom or even if someone criticizes our discipling, this seems like the lowest, most degrading insult!

i had to face a weakness. i’m not the ‘bestest mom in the whole earth’ as bray would have me believe. there are things i can & should take more time to work on, but don’t. each day presents with it a new way to improve. it’s discouraging and challenging. i pray for the determination & the strength & the wisdom to become the best mom i can. like the wisdom my brain has soaked up from reading “how to really love your child’. dr. campbell wrote a whole chapter explaining ‘how to show love through eye contact’. with statements that seem so simple, i wonder why i need reminding. just take a look at a few excerpts:

The more a parent makes eye contact with his/her child as a means of expressing love, the more a child is nourished with love and the fuller is his emotional tank.

It is easy for parents to develop the terrible habit of using eye contact primarily when they want to make a strong point to a child, especially a negative one. We find that a child is most attentive when we look at him straight in the eye. We may do this mainly to give instructions or for reprimanding or criticizing. This is a disastrous mistake.

Remember that eye contact is one of the main sources of a child’s emotional nurturing. When a parent uses this powerful means of control at his disposal in a primarily negative way, a child cannot but see his parent in a primarily negative way. And though this may seem to have good results when a child is young, this child is obedient & docile because of fear. As he grows older, the fear gives way to anger, resentment, and depression.

An even worse habit parents may fall into is actually using the avoidance of eye contact as a punishment device. Consciously refusing to make eye contact with a child is usually more painful than corporal punishment. It can be devastating.

What we must understand at this point is that parents must use eye contact as a continuous love-giving route, and not merely as a means of discipline.

the Lord has gently shown me this week that I may not be the ‘most’ beautiful woman or the ‘bestest’ mom on the whole earth, but in me ~ is God’s image. in me ~ is the power to do all things. in me ~ resides beauty & strength (insert my girl, christina‘s song, ‘beautiful’ here).

seriously…i want God to help me use my eyes to communicate love, not disappointment! even yesterday, i started a new phrase to be a better example ~ i get up in my son’s face when i want to say something in love & i start with, ‘eye to eye’.

Lord, look at me in the eye & work out the kinks (psalm 139:23). forgive me. i need grace; new opportunities. show me how to show them that my love, too, is unconditional.