Drifting – a lullaby for Braylon

Drifting… drifting away
Into… another place
My son, you’re in the arms of Jehovah Shalom
In the arms of his grace (x2)

It was the Prince of Peace who humbled himself
And left his Father’s side
To see through tear-filled eyes, and tremble
To hear his momma’s lullaby

(key change)

Drifting, drifting away
Into another place
Child of mine, O so divine (2nd time: You are one of a kind)
Fall asleep…in the arms of his grace (x2)

Jesus, free us
of all of our fears
And we will rest in your arms of grace
Yes, we will rest in your arms of grace

Captivating Royalty with our Camera

One of my favorite books is Captivating {Unveiling the Mystery of a Woman’s Soul} by, John & Stasi Eldredge; a book about discovering who you are, as a woman. A woman who at her core was made for romance, made to play an irreplaceable role in a shared adventure, and who really does possess a beauty all her own to unveil.

Every little girl I can think of, including myself, since she is old enough to dream, has dreamed of being a beautiful princess. Proud and pretty. Graceful with authority. Every little girl I can think of, including, of course, my own. I wrote a song for her about just that, earlier this year.

Shortly after moving to this little town outside Austin, I discovered a unique piece of architecture on some property off a curvy country road. Amidst old barns and brick homes, there stood a castle, complete with winged gargoyles and nitched balconies. I’d always say to myself, “I could see my princess, Angel in front of that castle.” Well, this week, I finally did.


For all 12 photos taken (by my husband), of Angel & Braylon at the castle & in a nearby corn field (& one of Angel getting eaten alive by bugs on a hay barrel) click here & smile.