As I Dream of Angels, Ricky Jumps

Was just dreaming that I was picking out some gifts on behalf of a survivor and praying that two angels would show up for her.

Somehow there was resistance with one of them, but as I picked out a gift to put it in a bag for her, I think i was praying, and I heard over a loud speaker in this store that the 2nd angel has been released and I jumped up to celebrate (in my dream).

The second I did that, in the physical here & now, Ricky who was sleeping beside me jumped up out of bed excited or fearful …I couldn’t tell.
I woke up and said JESUS…& told Ricky, “come on back to bed, baby.” then just prayed – now awake – in Jesus name, that all fear leave.
He calmed down and got back into bed within seconds.


My Dream

On August 25th, I woke up from a dream – one that was still clear in my mind. A week or so before, I’d prayed that God give me a dream – one that would be easy to understand.

In the dream, I was visiting a Bible college to hear Louis Palau speak. After his sermon, there was great worship & I was caught up in the Spirit…lost in the moment. As I was leaving the sancuary, a long time friend of mine, Beth, approached me and said, “I have to ask you something. Do you know a Frank?” I replied Yes. And she said, “I feel like God wants me to tell you that his health is failing and that he wants to forgive.”

As I made my way to the lobby and sat in a comfy chair, a young teen Asian girl behind me I realized lost a necklace pendant. She had dropped it on the floor and was looking for it & others were helping her. I heard them searching and heard the word “wicca” as she was trying to describe it.  She found & snatched it up, and as she was standing back up with it held tightly in her hand, she looked me straight in the eye with intent.

She quickly, almost forcefully extended that hand with the satanic pendant in it toward me, but still held it tight. I knew she was trying to put some kind of hex or curse on me. I tried to speak, “I WILL NOT be cursed. I will be BLESSED in Jesus’ name.” But my mouth would not open. It felt glued shut. She did it a second time & I tried a second time to say those words in response. But got the same result. She “threw” it toward me a third time and frustrated as I’ll get out, I tried a third time & this time, my mouth was opened wide and my words came out clear as a bell.

“I WILL NOT be cursed. I will be BLESSED in Jesus’ name!”


…and I woke up.


Investing in Someone Else’s Dream

Today I ran into my old boss, friend and musician in the worship team I was a part of years ago; his name is Jerry. As I think back to my 3 years working for him as a dispatcher for a commercial miniblind and drape company,  I recall one main event. Continue reading

planning to fail ~ learning an instrument takes some dedication

like a month ago i was complaining to my husband (not a rarity) about how little i actually play my guitar. there it stands in the corner, propped up, black & shiny with old tired strings, just beckoning me. yet i ignore it. ricky told me to be honest with myself. if i really wanted to play more, i’d make the time. every one of us makes the time to accomplish what we value the most. the more value something has to us, the higher it is on our list of priorities. i sat there desperately wanting to defend my desire – my dream to be this “singer/song-writer/guitar player” (which i still have) but could say nothing. when he’s right, i say nothing. i say i still have the dream. but it used to be a goal. but once again, a dream. no determination, no timeline, no plan of discipline or action (ya, ya, fail to plan, plan to fail)…kind of like the dream of a 128 lb., size 6 – me.

he said as an outsider lookin in, it seems i’ve replaced it with other things like scrap booking (doesn’t happen at all anymore) & blogging…(doesn’t happen much) and to which i might add i’m working part time now, focusing on singing in a Christmas band and writing more…i seem to spend a lot of time keeping the puppy trained, quiet & away from angel, & then there’s laundry, cooking, cleaning, playing with my fam…and i can’t forget to mention this beth moore study that’s kicking my butt.

they may all sound like excuses, but they’re just what i find myself doing lately…and there’s no denying it ~ what i choose to do with my every 24-hrs, is what i value the most.

i look at my guitar every day in my rock-n-roll inspired living room & it salutes me ever so patiently. i know my potential is far greater than i can imagine. i promise i will play you more one day, my friend.



so tell me, based on how you allocate your time, what do you value the most right now?

what would you change?

what do you think you should promote from dream to goal & then to reality?