Brownies – Simple and Fudgy

This easy recipe, originally from the BH&G cookbook, was altered just a bit by Gam, Ricky’s grandma, and passed on to his mom, Janis. These things rarely last more than 12 hours, so watch out.

Below is the better version we’ve enjoyed at the Ebner / Piland homes for years – & I’m sure, for years to come!


2 sqrs unsweetened baking chocolate

1 stick butter

(melt together)

1 tsp. real vanilla

1 c. sugar

(stir sugar in well)

2 eggs

(mix in , 1 at a time)

1/2 c. flour

(no more, lest they be DRY. mix in flour gently. * opt’l: add 1/2 c. pecans. other add-ins: crushed candy cane pieces, sugared cream cheese swirl, caramel swirl, or andes candy pieces for a minty twist)

Bake in 9×9 or circle pan @ 350,  for 27 minutes!


Ok, that was the professional photo I found on some stock site. Below are pics that I actually took with my crappy phone-camera..

but at least they’re more personal!



SWEET ‘N’ SOUR MEATBALLSa recipe from the kitchen of my sweet n-not-so-sour sister, Charity Stewart. She made these for me once, years ago, & I never forgot them.

Preheat oven to 400 & then whip up some fluffy white rice.


1 lb lean ground beef
1/2 c. dry bread crumbs Continue reading

How to Make an American Family Tradition: Lemon Lush

This Wednesday, the neighborhood mom’s group I’m in, is celebrating our diversity with a multi-cultural potluck. I’m gettin’ more & more excited. So far, the cultures I know that will be represented are: Mexico, the Philippines, Lebanon, the United States, & possibly Spain & Ireland!

Years ago, I went over to the Bebb’s house (not my dad’s, but Steve, his brother- and their family). Aunt Debi brought out this mushy-gushy yellow & white cloudlike dessert & we about keeled over, it was so good. Later, after getting her recipe, I started making it, but only to witness the entire 9×13 of it disappear, the same night (mostly b/c of RICKY)…but most people get 2nds or even 3rds. I’ve tried many variations, but here’s the basics of Lemon Lush …or you could call it “Crusty Creamy Sloppy Dreamy” ~

  1. crusty layer (she uses 2c.flour & 1c.butter, pressed & baked into a 9×13 for about 10 min. or til golden.  or… split & squish out a tube of pre-made sugar-cookie dough & bake for 12-13min. or til golden. i’ve tried graham cracker crust, but it’s just not the same) {update: sugar cookie crust is good, but too sugary for an already sweet, rich dessert like this. Go with the flaky flour & butter pressed mix}
  2. creamy layer (after crust is cool, spread this mix: (2) 8oz. pkgs cream cheese, 3/4 c.sugar & 1 tsp of vanilla)
  3. sloppy layer (mix 2 sml pkgs {she uses both lemon. i use 1 lemon & 1 cheesecake} pudding with  3  3/4c.milk)
  4. dreamy layer (whipped cream – if you’re up to it, whip some real cream!  if not, cool whip will work jus’ fine. refridge for a few hrs.)


Above: Crusty – this time I used sugar cookie dough, but I think the flour/butter crust might taste better.


Above: My ingredients


Above: Creamy ~ Mixin’ away


Above: Lemon Pudding (make “pie” consistency)


Above: Me, sloppin’ the Sloppy, before adding the Cool Whip as the finishing touch.



Let me know if you try & like this recipe as much as our family does…

or any other sweeet variations!