Thanksgiving in Kilgore with Sunshine, Color & Change

Thanksgiving this year was spent in Kilgore, with Gam, Gramma Janis & Papa Bob.  Bray had won a 10 lb. turkey in Sunday School that week (they drew his name out of a basket), and was very proud to contribute such an important piece to dinner. To it was added to delicious strawberry salad, mashed potatoes & gravy, sweet potato  casserole with overflowing marshies, & of course, green bean casserole, and for dessert, Gam brought over to the Pilands’ new place, a homemade cheesecake – mouth-watering, with canned cherries.

Bray & Angies spent the 4.5 days on Danville Rd. riding bikes (hers was the tricycle she’s been mastering these last few months, and he loved impressing us with every imaginable “bmx” trick we could throw at him). They also colored, read books,  watched “Open Season”, and played with Magnetix & when it was earned, Bray pulled out his PSP. The adults just sat around & relaxed, watched football (a LOT of it), gabbed and the last night, laughed as we watched, “The Proposal”.

That Sunday we were to leave for home, we packed up, and were about to stop by Gam’s to see her new flooring & such, on our way out of town, when we realized the car keys were locked in the Scion. We’d let the kids play in the car, and I had closed the open doors, having no idea they’d locked them all.

So, after the Kilgore locksmith came and set her free, we were finally on our way. It was strange to spend Thanksgiving without my Bebb family (who were all at my Uncle Steve’s in Milwaukie, OR), Kim’s family (new pastors in Brewster, WA), Jeremy’s family (w/Jamie’s & lil Riley in Cornelius, OR) or Rick’s dad (w/Jan & her family by the California coast).  Kim kept the tradition up, of asking everyone individually, what they were most thankful for…only, all by text. 🙂 Although the Todds & the Collins families were not there (the Todds, we were told, would be spending all future Thanksgivings @ the Cowboy game, and I believe the Collins left town, for a mini-vacation to themselves)…I was still so glad that we were able to drive & spend precious time with some extremely loved family members in Kilgore. Although it was an unexpected challenge for Janis & Bob to find an affordable rental there, it was a blessing to know that they are now just a half-mi. from Gam, and pleased as punch about it. They are always so welcoming… & their home, so inviting.

It was a wonderful time. To me, any quality time spent with family is wonderful, especially on a holiday that lands in the middle of my favorite season, with sunshine, color and change. Continue reading