give it away, give it away, give it away now

i just had to take a step of faith & do it. for years i thought i had to have eccess money to be able to give it away. that’s such a myth. we just re-allocated our funds a bit and cut back on a few things. when we finally sposored a child who needed care for longer than 6 months, it became clear. God will meet your needs regardless. and sometimes even more – even your wants – when you give it away. backwards thinking, i know. but it’s like some kind of spiritual law that i have yet to see or experience breaking.

when our hearts hurt with compassion to the point of action, God himself steps in and covers us. our needs are met!

He sees the heart of his child, who has a seed of faith,

Who wants to free this poverty, who wants to ease this pain

Of another one of his children…& He takes care of both.

A beautiful display of God’s provision ~ and our growth.

it’s pointless to put it off til you have the “extra money”. $32./mo. can be hugely instrumental in the hands of a trustworthy organization like Compassion International. when you finally give it away, you’ll see too…that what you rec’v in return and what your chosen child will receive will far outweigh the false security that $32. can bring when it’s sitting in your account.

there are thousands who await a sponsor. many of which have been waiting for 6 months or longer. give it a shot! if you’re not blessed & provided for, heck, cancel your sponsorship! but it’s worth a shot, don’t ya think?


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compassion is…touching childrens’ lives from across the globe

i’m writing once a month about a fave & trusted organization (compassion international) to help spread the word, so that we can spread the hope.

the first time i heard about it was years ago from mac powell himself, lead singer of third day (who just landed a gig on ‘the tonight show with jay leno’, on july 29th! -mark your calendars!!). it happened to be about when i remember praying, ‘enlarge my territories!’ from the ‘prayer of jabez‘. well, we finally got to trusting God enough to supply us the funds to support this cause, & it turned out to be pretty darn easy. we don’t even miss the $32…in fact, God has been really rewarding our efforts to give, in ways we never thought he would! i’m not kiddin’. we’ve seen major increase. you test it out & see for yourself! here’s all we did:

i just sat at the computer w/braylon, & together we picked a child his exact age. i signed up (choosing auto-withdrawal). soon we got a welcome packet w/the basics, wrote our 1st letter including a picture of braylon & a picture he colored for his new friend, & ba-da-bing! a few weeks later, how special did my little boy feel when opening a great lil surprise in the mail – his first letter back (translated from spanish by a tutor) & a picture drawn by his sponsored kid/penpal! it’s been wonderful.

today we get to send him a birthday package (we were able to choose a boy whose 6th birthday is the same week as braylon’s!) ~ ‘jhonatan’ will be opening up a gift: spiderman stickers & a card game to go with bray’s hand-written birthday wishes & verse. i am so thankful for this new way to share w/my kiddo how compassion & perspective can change lives.