i’m not good enough

just a few truths i’m pondering this morning:

i will never be good enough. that is why Christ died, because He was the only person good enough. that is the good news of the Gospel! i no longer have to strive to live up to expectations! i can do my best, but it’s not to gain God’s acceptance. it’s out of a willing heart to love him back.

i no longer live for his approval, but from his approval.

my standing with God does not depend on my performance. ever. Christ’s blood has made me righteous – right with God. not a ‘sinner’, but a saint who happens to sin.

my actions & sins are never a surprise to God. and because they aren’t, he’s never disappointed. b/c in order to be disappointed in one’s behavior, you have to have some higher level of expectation. God has no higher level of expectation. He knew before i sinned, i would sin. so all i need to do is thank him for the opportunity to be reconciled to him because of Christ’s sacrifice, accept it, repent once & be on my way. why do i complicate it?! why does the church add to it?


not too good to be true

Then Jesus said, Come to me, all of you who are weary & carry heavy burdens and I will give you rest.


when i am weary and carry a heavy burden, i pray and i sing. talking to God does something inside of me that takes the focus off of me, even when i’m talking about me. and doing the very thing he’s gifted me to do, sing, brings me joy. it can be anything, but when i sing something that gives Him glory, He stays true to His word…and shows up. He inhabits the praises of His people. Knowing He is there takes a certain load off of me – like, i’m really not trying to do it all alone…something so easy for me to forget. 

i can count on Him to show up & give me strength when i do what He’s gifted me to do, in His honor. if i have sin not dealt with, i ask him to make me clean and do my best to do a 180 in that area. it’s refreshing to know that He doesn’t hold grudges. He’s not angry with me (or you), disappointed or surprised when i’ve done wrong. All he asks is that i accept his Son’s sacrifice for it…and go on with my life. sounds easy, but it can be tough to do in an achievement-based, ‘if you work hard enough at something, you can get it done’ world-view.

but that’s one thing i love about the Gospel. it’s just too good…but not too good to be true.