AngeLingo…about our dachshund’s boogers & happiness

Earlier tonight Angel was just crackin’ me up…running to the bathroom, running back to the couch (where we were all trying to watch Bedtime Stories), and she puts some toilet paper up to Daphne’s nose & says seriously, “Ok, blow!” and then as if it will help Daphne to see it visually demonstrated, Angel blows as hard as she can out her nose Continue reading


A Quote I Read Today

“God’s goal is not to make sure you’re happy.  Life is not about your being comfortable, happy, successful, and pain free.  It is about becoming the man or woman God has called you to be.  Life is not about you.  It’s about God.  He doesn’t exist to make us happy.  We exist to bring Him glory.”

what’s one thing you will do to take the focus off of yourself and bring God glory today?


i was thinkin’ today that i could sit down and write a list of all of the things and people that make my heart grateful…but honestly, i think it’d take too much time and probably bore anyone reading it. yeah, it matters that we recount them – that we place stones of remembrance telling the tale of how we’ve been blessed, delivered, rescued, gifted…but today i’ll leave them in my thoughts. let’s just say i’m a happy camper.


who or what has made a wonderful impact on you lately? what are you gonna do about it?