Drifting – a lullaby for Braylon

Drifting… drifting away
Into… another place
My son, you’re in the arms of Jehovah Shalom
In the arms of his grace (x2)

It was the Prince of Peace who humbled himself
And left his Father’s side
To see through tear-filled eyes, and tremble
To hear his momma’s lullaby

(key change)

Drifting, drifting away
Into another place
Child of mine, O so divine (2nd time: You are one of a kind)
Fall asleep…in the arms of his grace (x2)

Jesus, free us
of all of our fears
And we will rest in your arms of grace
Yes, we will rest in your arms of grace

mid prayer distractions

last night i woke up @ 3am – i’ve been doing that lately – waking up 1-3 x’s/nt; maybe i’m just gettin’ older?!

i’ve been startin to pray more when i wake up & see it’s still the wee hours, at least til i fall back asleep. i figure i might as well do something useful, & we all need prayer but it is so hard for me to stay on track. maybe cause i’m so tired. i don’t get that distracted in my thoughts during the day. or maybe i do & thats why it helps me to speak my prayers {in the shower & car & such}. but like last night, i was immediately into a prayer for some friends who are struggling w/their $ & marriage…and then seriously, it wasn’t 10 seconds into it…& “…money…we get paid tomorrow….i need to get groceries… i’m out of milk…” & then “oh man, sorry Lord. i pray that we are somehow a light to them – that we have fun this weekend havin’ our kids play together @ the art festival in san gabriel park” “…tomorrow is braylon’s field day. i need to remember to get ready earlier & be there by 9…should i bring a sack lunch? what if angel is still sick…i should get out of bed & put a humidifier in her room…” “Lord, heal my baby girl!…”

anyway, the Lord sees my heart, so i think it’s ok to get distracted or fall asleep mid-prayer. i gotta go turn the tv off. i wonder what’s on dr. phil today. i think i’ll take a nap with braylon when he gets home, instead. he’ll be so tired after a hot field day…