Favorite Carrot Cake

Janis Ebner Piland’s

Famous Favorite Carrot Cake

This cake is made by my mother in law, Janis, & I get to enjoy it at least once a year, when I request it for my birthday. It is my (needless to say) favorite cake, ever, ever. So while visiting them this weekend, I had to note just how she makes it. Here goes!!

2 c. Flour

2 tsp. Baking soda

1/2 tsp. Salt

2 tsp. Cinnamon


3/4 c. Oil

3 Eggs

3/4 c. Buttermilk (or for a richer texture, Sour Cream)


2 c. Shredded Carrot

1  1/3 c. (3 1/2 oz.) Coconut

2 c. Sugar

1 (8 oz.) c. Crushed Pineapple, drained

1 c. Chopped Walnuts


Mix flour, b. soda, cinn., & salt. Set aside. Whisk oil, buttermilk, & eggs well. Add in sugar, shredded carrots, pineapple, coconut & walnuts; add to flour mix. Mix well.

Pur batter into sprayed or greased/floured 9×13. Bake for 40-45 min. @ 350.


Cream Cheese Frosting (Carrot Cake is NOTHIN’ without this frosting) ~ 1 stick of butter, 1 8-oz. pkg of c.chs., 2 tsp. vanilla, & 2 c. powdered sugar. Beat & spread atop of chilled cake. Chill cake in fridge for an hour (or not, if you can’t wait!).

well, hello bello

this mornin’, i thought i’d take a moment to shamelessly promote some photos recently posted by my hubs on braylon.com. (i needed to go ‘meet the teacher’ at his school, but ricky & braylon were able to experience their 1st real circus with gramma janis while in town for his birthday) …what a special memory it turned out to be. bray earned his ticket from the library by participating in their summer reading program. he was sittin’ on the edge of his seat the whole time & kept yelling, “awesome!!”.

he had the best timeexcept for when he got so excited about eating the cotton candy off his hand, that he chomped on his thumb (ricky was right there with the camera to capture the cry-face). click this pic for more snapshots of bello and the greatest show on earth!