A Bray Say… about kindergarten graduation

yesterday was braylon’s kindergarten graduation & award assembly. ricky & i were able to go & rejoice with him. last night when i tucked him in his bed, i kissed his bear (the tiny version of his other bear, hot cocoa) & said to it ‘good night, little guy!’ then did the same with bray, knowing it would get a reaction, but not necessarily this one:

“i am not a guy. and i am not little. call me big. call me big man. and in the morning when you wake me up, say, ‘good morning, big man!”

a bray say…for mother’s day

i was putting my 5 yr. old in my bed for a short nap; it was kind of a tender moment. braylon laid on his tummy & said, ‘mommy?’  (-yeah?)  then he stuck his hind quarters up in the air & let out a big ‘ol stink-bomb…& says w/a grin, ‘that was your mother’s day present’

here’s a shot of us i came across, when he was around angel’s present age (’04)…before the world corrupted his lil mind!