How to Make an American Family Tradition: Lemon Lush

This Wednesday, the neighborhood mom’s group I’m in, is celebrating our diversity with a multi-cultural potluck. I’m gettin’ more & more excited. So far, the cultures I know that will be represented are: Mexico, the Philippines, Lebanon, the United States, & possibly Spain & Ireland!

Years ago, I went over to the Bebb’s house (not my dad’s, but Steve, his brother- and their family). Aunt Debi brought out this mushy-gushy yellow & white cloudlike dessert & we about keeled over, it was so good. Later, after getting her recipe, I started making it, but only to witness the entire 9×13 of it disappear, the same night (mostly b/c of RICKY)…but most people get 2nds or even 3rds. I’ve tried many variations, but here’s the basics of Lemon Lush …or you could call it “Crusty Creamy Sloppy Dreamy” ~

  1. crusty layer (she uses 2c.flour & 1c.butter, pressed & baked into a 9×13 for about 10 min. or til golden.  or… split & squish out a tube of pre-made sugar-cookie dough & bake for 12-13min. or til golden. i’ve tried graham cracker crust, but it’s just not the same) {update: sugar cookie crust is good, but too sugary for an already sweet, rich dessert like this. Go with the flaky flour & butter pressed mix}
  2. creamy layer (after crust is cool, spread this mix: (2) 8oz. pkgs cream cheese, 3/4 c.sugar & 1 tsp of vanilla)
  3. sloppy layer (mix 2 sml pkgs {she uses both lemon. i use 1 lemon & 1 cheesecake} pudding with  3  3/4c.milk)
  4. dreamy layer (whipped cream – if you’re up to it, whip some real cream!  if not, cool whip will work jus’ fine. refridge for a few hrs.)


Above: Crusty – this time I used sugar cookie dough, but I think the flour/butter crust might taste better.


Above: My ingredients


Above: Creamy ~ Mixin’ away


Above: Lemon Pudding (make “pie” consistency)


Above: Me, sloppin’ the Sloppy, before adding the Cool Whip as the finishing touch.



Let me know if you try & like this recipe as much as our family does…

or any other sweeet variations!