Bill Johnson Conference – Day 2 – Living from the Presence of the Spirit


Bill had spoken earlier that morning on Discerning the Voice of God (which I missed).

That evening, it was on Receiving the Kingdom (by living powerfully from the atmosphere of His presence, the person of the Holy Spirit). Too often Christians put more value on the Bible – a book that the early Christians (of Acts, for example), didn’t even have – Than on the power of the Holy Spirit they DID have.

He wants to flow through me – through Word, Action  & Touch. It was awesome. How unpredictable God is…and no matter how many times we try there is just NO reducing the way he works – to a formula for the future.

After the svc,  a woman from my b-study came w/many friends of hers –  Debbie – she was brought up very ‘religious’ and strict baptist…well, she was set free from a lot of stuff, including delivered from residual pain from an injury caused by an accident.the man right by me (who trains for & runs in marathons) had a football injury from high school, – his wrist had broken, yet as a typical male, he stayed in the game and played 3 more games w/it like that, well, his wrist never healed. he could never do a push up right, as his left wrist couldn’t bend. Well, here he is, over 50 yrs later, and last night, he was totally healed of any pain/restriction of movement. I watched him get down on the ground and do push ups, pain-free! Another hundred or so were set free & healed, physically last night. Praise our miracle-working Jesus! I wanted to record a video of this man’s testimony using my phone, but we had to leave to pick up the kids. Maybe I’ll still get to.

Another (2) interesting things that happened: During corporate prayer when everyone prayed for ea. other with faith, for blessing, healing, etc., Bill charged us to keep praying, only start declaring. With declarative prayers, there is an element of prophesy…and the next thing I know, Rick leans over & tells me in my ear, “You will write songs that will HEAL.” OH. MY. Gosh. I will certainly receive that, any day!!!

And lastly, during corp. prayer time for healing, there was a man who made his way down the isle from the front, walking toward the back. He was short, with a wide-brimmed hat and khaki attire. I looked at him several times – his eyes were kind of squinty, kind of gray and they creeped me out. His presence next to me & his emotionless face made me very uneasy. I was hoping he’d pass quickly by, but he hung out behind me and stayed there for a minute, as I pictured him pulling out a machine gun and just trying to gun down as many Christians as he could. I felt some kind of evil resonate from him…so I just started praying out loud – not too loud – that all evil spirits and those with them, leave NOW. In the name of Jesus.  Then I immediately leaned over to tell Rick about him and how I felt & prayed, and went to show him who it was, but there was no one standing there. That man was no where. I don’t know what happened – maybe he high-tailed it to the bathroom, maybe he was really a man possessed that fled quickly, or a demon in disguise.