a love prerequisite

i read this week in an article that we as people in general, cannot really love anyone else until we first know how to love ourselves. it was actually in question form – how can we love anyone else unless we first love ourselves? so i present that as a question to anyone out there. it’s a great concept when loving yourself means a healthy respect for, vs. an egocentric, self-centered love. but ya know, i can think of examples of people who obviously & often love others in thought & deed, but don’t love themselves as much… so it makes me think it can be done.


not that’s it wrong to, but is there anywhere in the Bible that says we’re to love ourselves at all, let alone before we can truly love others? is it a prerequisite?

and how does the command, ‘love your neighbor as yourself’ play a part in your answer? what if you hate yourself…or you have a distorted self-image? is your love for others then automatically distorted or thwarted? i could just hear someone saying,’before i can really love this friend or my spouse, i have to work on loving myself.

i don’t know about that. lot of questions, but just some food for thought.