the tonight show with jay leno – watch it tonight

hey, ya’ll! just me, back from a week-long break…still a bit short on time, tryin’ to get the house all in order cuz my hubby’s on a plane home as i type! i am so stoked!!

another reason i’m stoked? …the best southern gospel-rock artists in the Christian music industry, are set to perform live tonight on…

(!!) stay up a little later than us’l tonight – show mac powell & his homeboys some love, people!

CST & mountain: 10:34pm

PST & eastern: 11:34pm

oh, you don’t know who the best southern gospel-rock artists in the Christian music industry are? well, then tune in tonight, check ’em out on their website or itunes store, create a station in your or do all of the above. these guys got heart, they got soul, they got some Christ-centered good ‘ol rock & roll.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Third Day
Performance from the CD “Revelation”

~*~ did i forget to mention it’s on tonight? ~*~


compassion is…touching childrens’ lives from across the globe

i’m writing once a month about a fave & trusted organization (compassion international) to help spread the word, so that we can spread the hope.

the first time i heard about it was years ago from mac powell himself, lead singer of third day (who just landed a gig on ‘the tonight show with jay leno’, on july 29th! -mark your calendars!!). it happened to be about when i remember praying, ‘enlarge my territories!’ from the ‘prayer of jabez‘. well, we finally got to trusting God enough to supply us the funds to support this cause, & it turned out to be pretty darn easy. we don’t even miss the $32…in fact, God has been really rewarding our efforts to give, in ways we never thought he would! i’m not kiddin’. we’ve seen major increase. you test it out & see for yourself! here’s all we did:

i just sat at the computer w/braylon, & together we picked a child his exact age. i signed up (choosing auto-withdrawal). soon we got a welcome packet w/the basics, wrote our 1st letter including a picture of braylon & a picture he colored for his new friend, & ba-da-bing! a few weeks later, how special did my little boy feel when opening a great lil surprise in the mail – his first letter back (translated from spanish by a tutor) & a picture drawn by his sponsored kid/penpal! it’s been wonderful.

today we get to send him a birthday package (we were able to choose a boy whose 6th birthday is the same week as braylon’s!) ~ ‘jhonatan’ will be opening up a gift: spiderman stickers & a card game to go with bray’s hand-written birthday wishes & verse. i am so thankful for this new way to share w/my kiddo how compassion & perspective can change lives.